Sunday, 12 April 2015

Why does mammon feed on anxiety as his technique

Mammon's technique of enslaving all humans is to feed on anxiety, not sexual lusts but anxiety. It is because all of us have a desire to satisfy our most basic needs. It is from these so-called basic needs that we gain satisfaction at the most basic level. All of us have envy in the flesh, whether Christian or unsaved. All. Overcoming this envy requires a focus on God. Nothing else can get rid of envy and kill it, except for focusing on God.

Mammon, thus, pounces on all unsaved people and Christians who lose focus on God at times. He feeds on anxiety because he knows that it is a sin that can only be overcome by focus on God, that which is against the flesh of all, whether unsaved or saved. 

No one can be truly content unless they trust in God alone. No one can have hope or peace unless they are in Christ, trusting in God's provision. Mammon is hence behind all wars, and envying strife.