Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Law of God by which knowledge of sin comes lead to Repentance

The silly modern evangelicals who become vicious against you when they find out you use Way of the Master, and use the call for preaching repentance against you as a convenient weapon, as one modern evangelical did in his aggressive hostility, and yet tells me to be 'gentle' in a very harsh tone (oh the irony and the hypocrisy) all need to read this article by Ray Comfort

“What about when Paul said it is God’s KINDNESS THAT LEADS UP TO REPENTANCE!? Most people know they're deviants, broken, and sinful. When did Jesus ever preach how you do, except to the religious elite, the Pharisees? No, sinners were drawn to him, knowing already their need for a savior! Zaccheus repented after he saw the mercy and goodness of God! I'm not saying don't use the ten commandments to produce an awareness of sin. What I am saying is be sensitive to how the Spirit leads. Salvation is NOT a formula. It is as Jesus said, that it's like the wind, people don't know where it comes from or where it is going. I was saved cleaning my dad's van when I was 13 years old. I'd heard all the sermons, been preached to, and what brought me to my knees was a revelation of his love, mercy and goodness. And that IS scriptural.” Don L. Stein

Would you be open to reading a free book (250,000 in print). It will answer all the questions you brought up. Please? For example. The verse you pointed to about God's kindness, is wrapped in wrath. It is one of the most wrath-filled parts of the Bible (Romans 2:1-9). Read it in context. If Paul is saying what you say he's saying, then he wasn't practicing what he preached.

You asked, “When did Jesus ever preach how you do, except to the religious elite, the Pharisees?” The answer is in Mark 10:17-21 and other places (see Luke 18:18), and many times in the Sermon on the Mount. You ask that question because you have forgotten that Jesus was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel—those who knew the Law. He gave the gospel to those who had been humbled by the Law, and the Law to those who were proud and had no knowledge of sin.

You said that most people know they are sinners. Not according the scripture. It says "There is none that understand" (Romans 3:11). How many understand? None.

Zaccheus repented because he was a Jew who understood the Law (read his words about restoring what he had stolen--they are straight from the Law). The "Law was a schoolmaster to bring [him] to Christ."

The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin (which is violation of the Law--1 John 4:3), righteousness (which is of the Law), and judgment (which is by the Law--Romans 2:12). So make sure you work in with the Holy Spirit, that is if you don't want to fill the Church with false converts.

A few questions about your salvation. Did you repent when you came to Christ? What did you repent of? It must have been of sin. And what is sin? -- "Sin is transgression of the Law (1 John 4:3). So you came to Christ because you had sinned against God, and it was when you understood your sin you saw His love in the cross. So why would you short-cut the salvation of others by failing to bring them through the door through which you came? They will almost certainly have a false conversion if there’s no knowledge of sin.

The disease should be pointed out first, to make the cure make sense. Please check out the book: