Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pornography is wrong because it offends God, not because it “hurts” people

Many people in the modern world are starting to oppose pornography, at least in lip service.  The 21st century secular anti-pornography movement is gaining grounds, as a formidable enemy of the pornography industry. However, it is also the enemy of another: the Church. The secular anti-pornography movement, through the propagation of its humanistic doctrines, is an active enemy of the Church which undermines and attacks her spiritual authority given by God to her.

The secular anti-pornography movement is not wholesome or righteous to even the slightest extent. Rather, it is an evil, demonic, sensual movement which calls good evil, and evil good. It calls what it deems ‘pornography’ evil, not because it is sexually immoral, but because it reduces the “sexual power” of women, or ‘disrespects. This is an extremely cunning, devious, and dishonest argument which is good only in perverting truth and shifting moral blame to others, usually men who feminists blame for all the pornography and its propagation in the world. This evil definition redefines pornography to twist what the real issue about pornography is.

The true definition of pornography is anything that stirs up sexual lusts, leading to the intention to practice fornication or adultery.  Any advertisements, prose or movies which show any ‘consensual’ fornication or adultery is pornography per se. Women dressed up immodestly are walking pornography in themselves. Most, if not all, of the people in the secular anti-pornography movement approve, or at least tolerate, fornication and adultery.  Majority of them are walking pornography. They are wicked, evil people. How can evil fight evil? By no means can evil fight evil. Rather, fighting evil using evil leads to even more evil. Those who are evil themselves but seek to fight evil in others are even more evil than those they seek to fight.

It is true that pornography is an expression of disrespect towards the person being asked to perform pornography, usually a woman. However, to argue that pornography is wrong on the grounds other than pornography being offensive to God, and thus as sin per se, is selfish and evil. Such worldly, fleshly thinking blinds for it is out of a lack of love that people make such arguments.

If one truly loves, one would hate pornography because God hates it, and not for any other reason. The only legitimate reason for being opposed to pornography is to hate it for God hates it. Any other reason is loveless, self-seeking and evil. Such loveless leads to blindness as to what the heart of the matter truly is – a lack of love and self-love by the unregenerate who approve of such wickedness and the selfish anti-pornography activists who are against it only for the own self-interests.

The iniquitous works of the secular anti-pornography movement, out of its carnality and evil selfish desires undermines the Church’s authority in fighting evil, as with any other fight against evil by evil people themselves. Its arguments against that which is evil compete with the only true reason why evil must be fought: because God hates evil. This seduces the masses into accepting such twisted, perverted arguments by mixing the truth that pornography is evil, with the lies that is evil because it lowers self-esteem, breaks down intimacy between the sexes, and ‘dehumanises’ the human body. Such fleshly arguments cannot be accepted alongside godly arguments against any evil.

A person can only accept either fleshly wisdom or godly wisdom. As such, the masses are indoctrinated into believing the lies as to why pornography is wrong, while accept the truth that it is wrong, being even more deceived through their iniquitous self-righteousness. Such fleshly wisdom will sow the seeds of a future generation that will rightly accept pornography to be wrong, but all for evil, perverted, selfish reasons. The future generation will not only be self-righteously thinking their iniquitous thinking is right, but also attack the Church for her righteous reasoning as to why pornography is wrong, calling it righteous evil, and their perverted, self-centred “righteousness’ good.

The Church needs to kill her fear of people and confront all the evils of the age using the Word of God, and the Word of God alone. She must reject all fleshly, worldly thinking, for she will pollute her pure wells of water. She must rely on the power of God alone to fight evil, and do so to please God, and God alone, not God and people.