Thursday, 4 June 2015

Why so many are blinded by the doctrine of "rights"

The doctrine of "rights" is itself a humanistic one. Many people including many Australian Bible-believing true Christians believe in the doctrine of "rights". They can not even see anything wrong with it, and do not even realise how humanistic it is - not merely that it is tainted with humanism, but that is is humanism itself. Before Christendom had  lost its authority in 14th century, which marked the birth of The Renaissance Era, the doctrine of "rights" was unheard of.

Many people would point to this as evidence for the "oppression", "bigotry", and "intolerance" of "religion", referring, of course, only to Christianity. Such is the ignorance of many people in thinking that the doctrine of "rights" is needed to "protect" people from oppression, bigotry and intolerance. Is there no oppression, bigotry, and intolerance today, in the so-called "progressive" 21st century? Is not violence, hate, abuse increasing by magnitudes?

The level of violence in the Medieval Era was much lower than in the 20th century, the time era when the doctrine of "rights" was the foundation of western societies.  The number of people killed in the 20th century is greater than the number of people killed in the past 19 centuries combined. While there was violence, hate and wars occurring during that era, it is not specific to that era by any means. Rather, such things come from the human heart that is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). Such is a fallen world.

Do not be deceived. The doctrine of "rights" is no protector of human dignity. It is no protector from oppression, hatred, bigotry, violence, strife and wars. By no means! That more people have been killed in the 20th century than previous 19 centuries combined is evidence of this. You may argue that the massacred are because of communism, which took away the "rights" of the masses. No! It is not that communism has no "rights". Rather, it is that there is no moral obligation within the communist framework to love and care for others, on the grounds that there is "no God" that communism lead to the massacred it produced.

The Bible never says we humans have rights. NEVER! Rather, it says we are bound to the Moral Law of God. It is because people insist on so-called "rights" that the world is an extremely selfish, hate-filled and unforgiving one, full of strife and bitter envying. 

Many believe in doctrine of "rights", including many Christians because of their own selfishness. They are seduced by lust of the flesh which produces pride of life. That is what the doctrine of "rights" is of. The spirit of mammon works through these two things to stir up people to fight for the so-called "rights", leading to bitter envy and strife. He blinds people into thinking they deserve their "rights", when no person deserves anything, not even a single breath, but only eternal damnation.

Rather than producing a more loving world, the doctrine of "rights" has produces a more godless, hate-filled and unforgiving one.