Sunday, 7 June 2015

The doctrine of "rights" is not found in the Bible

Many Christians attribute the concept of 'human rights', and rights more generally to Biblical doctrine. Some of these Christians argue that Christianity has its own conception of 'rights', to be distinguished from the secular notion of rights. They argue that the Christian idea of rights is that which protects the God-given value of each human being who was created in His image and loved by God. 

While this shows some understanding of the individualism and self-centred doctrine of the secular notion of rights, it also shows a misunderstanding of what a "right" is, as well as a confusion between rights and dignity.

The Bible does indeed command people to plead the cause of the needy (Isaiah 1:17; Proverbs 31:9). However, this does not in any way equate to any doctrine of "rights". The spirit behind the doctrine of "rights" is of the spirit of rebellion which believes that humans are "sovereign" over all things, and the measure of all things. Such is the spirit of humanism which is the spirit of rebellion against God. The doctrine of "rights" is no "mere" doctrine, of only academic debate, but has a real demonic spirit behind it. He feeds on the human desires to be independent of God. 

When satan deceived Eve by saying "did God really say?" (Genesis 3:1), he seduced her, precisely into thinking she had a "right" to choose to eat the fruit which God clearly said was forbidden. Yes, God did say. What God said is what God said. There is no argument against what God says. Indeed, let God be true, and every person be a liar!  God is the source of ALL TRUTH. He is the Truth (John 14:6). 

Evil comes from the redefinition of what God said. Anything that twists what God said in the slightest is evil for it is against God. Indeed, no one is good, except for God alone (Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19; Romans 3:10). Redefining what God said is itself evil. The doctrine of "rights" and the spirit behind it redefines WHO is the standard. It purports that evil, sinful, wicked, vile humankind is the standard. This itself is evil. The spirit of rebellion who feeds on the lusts of the flesh and pride of life of evil humanity to fight for one's "rights" - a human-made doctrine of all shapes. 

The doctrine of "rights" in no way is consistent with the Bible. It is against the Word of God by its very idea. The individualism, irresponsibility, hedonism and materialism in the west is only a mere manifestation of the doctrine of "rights".

The modern Church in the west has not be immune from the disease spread by the doctrine of "rights".  It even believes that the Bible has been responsible for "human rights" and all kinds of "rights" as though it was a good thing. Such is the ignorance and naivete of the modern Christians. The issue is not even a matter of what alleged "rights" are rights. The issue is that there is no such thing as a "right" for humans for we are not Sovereign. Humans are the clay who have the audacity to demand their "rights" from God and from each other, out of their own pride, arrogance and love of self.

Such is the blindness of many in the modern Church regarding the doctrine of "rights". This blindness comes from earthliness which the spirit of mammon has seduced many Christians into falling into as a besetting sin.

If God could decide that you were to never exist, He is right to do so for He has the authority and right to do all things. Only God has rights. No one else does for He is the Sovereign. 

Where is the doctrine of "rights" in the Bible? No where, only except where it concerns God who can do whatever He chooses to do, and His ways are not to be questioned.