Thursday, 18 June 2015

The spirit of witchcraft feeds on insecurity

The spirit of witchcraft works through those who are insecure. This insecurity is personal insecurity, not material insecurity that she works through. She works through competition and rivalry to make people feel insecure in having less than others, tempting them to live to compete with others. Through this, she controls people and leads them to depression and suicide. She manifests herself in much of western culture, which says to people that if they do not have a certain lifestyle, and certain achievements, they are not free, and thus, need to be "liberated".

She works with the spirit behind the doctrine of self-esteem who seeks to blind people into thinking that whoever upsets them has sinned on that very ground of upsetting them. 

She seeks to keep proud people in bondage through insecurity and fear of a lack of "freedom".