Sunday, 8 February 2015

How to counter attacks on Christians by secularists

Know this:

Secular people (in the typical sense of the term) are mean, judgmental, hateful of "religious" people (ie. Christians), happy to support non-Christian religious people  because of their anti-christ spirit, intolerant, though thinking they are tolerant. They are hypocritical, immoral, proud, arrogant, boastful, self-centred, sexually immoral (of course), disobedient to parents, dishonest, slanderous of Christians. They are narrow-minded themselves, while accusing others of being narrow minded, and of course, content with their riches, self-satisfied and smug. They are presumptuous, and think they know everything; argumentative about theology while knowing nothing, NOTHING about theology and twisting it.

They are the worst group of people because of their sexual immorality and celebration of it - one of the most serious sins. Moreover, they love to lie about sexuality and how moral it is to be sexually immoral.