Monday, 9 February 2015

"That's just your opinion"

Many in the modern church, and as it seems, modern evangelicals, claim that they are opposed to postmodernism. However, one's opposition to something does not mean one cannot be influenced by it. A modern evangelical who I know tells me that my Biblical exposition of certain issues are just "your view". Nothing makes me more annoyed and vexed than this. He has vexed my spirit, not just merely discouraged me or make me feel overburdened, which he himself dares acknowledge this to me with his rules of how to speak to an "Australian" as if there were special rules for speaking to Australians because they are Australians. 

He gives empty apologies for his discouragement of evangelism, while yet denigrating me, saying "it would be sad if you thought you were pastoring" when I have been really trying to expose false doctrines and unbiblical practices, such as what he keeps on trying to impose on me and make me feel guilty for. He castigates me for my "sad" practices while yet saying I "admire" your zeal. Proverbs 27:14 says: He that blesseth his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, it shall be counted a curse to him. This is precisely what he has done - castigating me for exposing false doctrines while praising me. Such "praise" is not only empty, but a curse!

He loves to read my blog just so that he can defame my name, and accuses me of hypocrisy for being annoyed at him. I am not opposed to him reading for 'criticism'. The reason it annoys me is because of the spirit in which he is doing so. I have only reported what is going in based on sources from pastors. I have only reported what well-known pastors such as Ray Comfort, Tony Miano and Paul Washer have said about modern evangelism. Yet, he blames what I have been reporting all on me, I do not read his ministry's facebook page to critique them and expose them. However, he reads this blog to defame my name and incite hostility against me. 

Many in the modern church are extremely sensitive, like this person is, who whines whenever I even use the term 'modern church'. I can tell you I borrowed that term from a well-known pastor, Paul Washer from his sermon '10 Indictments against the Modern church'. Of course, this person will whine about it saying that Washer is ungracious, just as he whined when I told him I borrowed Way of the Master which he complained and castigated me about, albeit very indirectly, that the people from Living Waters who devised Way of the Master are 'ungracious'. 

Such is postmodernised thinking in the church. The Biblical model of evangelism is shunned. This person even had the audacity on his part to say 'why should we use it?'. Interpretations of Biblical concepts are deemed to be of the individuals' view or at his discretion. This person has really caused to be in so much bondage. And yet he wonders why I do not want to speak to him and accuses me of being "argumentative". It seems like he is the one who is argumentative. The postmodernised Christian likes to attribute Biblical exposition by "an individual" as their own personal "view". When it comes to the Bible, there is no such thing as opinion.

"No, I'm not entitled to my opinion about the Word of God, and neither are you--whether atheist or Christian. The Christian making the assertion "you're entitled to your opinion" is akin to the neutralitarian, humanistic musings of the college student with one semester of philosophy under his belt who asserts there are no absolutes. "You have your truth and I have mine." - Tony Miano

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