Monday, 9 February 2015

Today's Weeping Prophets: A Fragrance of Life and a Fragrance of Death from Tony Miano

Today, many Christian pastors, elders, and laypeople believe open-air preaching is passe, sociably unacceptable, and ineffective. Yet no biblical or historical argument can be made against the practice. None. At best the argument against open-air preaching is a philosophical, and pragmatic one with the majority, negative opinion of today's evangelicals about the subject built upon the sandy foundation of personal preference. Some argue open-air preaching is unloving, if not in the content in the tone with which the message is conveyed. Some argue that those who engage in open-air preaching lack love because they do not take the time to establish relationships with those they are trying to reach. These arguments are subjective at best and, at worst, a bit prideful. It is prideful, even arrogant, for one Christian to assert he or she is more loving than the open-air preacher because the open-air preacher does not engage in evangelism with the same tone of voice, or with the same emphasis on relationship, or with the same methodology as the Christian subjectively writing open-air preaching off as unloving.

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