Monday, 23 March 2015

Abolitionist poem

No, it's not a lifeless "clump of tissue"
It's not a "woman's right to privacy" issue
Definitely not some men trying to take your rights from you
Not a religious fad making its way through
It's about the 55,000,000 people that never grew into
Thriving men and women that no one ever knew
Trapped, caged, enslaved in a world that's twisted and cruel
It was THEIR life you "claimed" and threw
It's about the REAL injustice being done to
Helpless, countless, now lifeless human beings that never drew
Their first breath of air in a world that's theirs, too
The same thing that happened to the slave and Jew
Is happening to unborn children, believe it or not it's true
Thousands dead because those like Jesus are too few 
Murder is wrong, that's not something new
But we're acting like it's an acceptable thing to do
You wouldn't kill a man because you wanted his food
But we'd kill a CHILD because a woman's body they somehow intrude
Do you think THEY chose to be conceived?
Do you think they WANT their moms to suffer and bleed?
No, they don't, so why are they rejected instead of gladly received?
The murderers are welcome, they're paid to do the deed
They murder because they are completely consumed by greed
A starving dog we would undoubtedly feed
But we won't satisfy the unborn's only need
That is, to let them live- let them be free
But that's so hard 
because our world is broken and deceived
Their eyes are closed, but we're the ones that can't see
The truth is hidden, making it unseen
Where's the light, where are the glowing beams? 
We're allowing babies to be murdered, ignoring their desperate screams
And hiding behind the words "Let women be free", 
"It's their body, their choice, let them be."

- Abolish Human Abortion