Monday, 30 March 2015

The Doctrine of "rights" is a Doctrine of Demons

"I want my rights". This is the catchphrase of the modern world. It's all about rights. The world think it is 'all about rules', with respect to gaining and preserving its "rights", yet while accusing the church of being 'all about rules'. It calls for all legislation and social recognition of the protection of "rights" by imposing political correctness on others, including other unsaved people who do not agree with them. Is that not being 'all about rules' - rules of protect immorality? What disgusting vile hypocrisy!

One of the greatest deceptions that has blinded both the unsaved and the church is the doctrine of "rights". Even the church has been influenced by this doctrine and wholeheartedly believe in it. This is extremely dangerous. One may make this out to be an issue of one political, cultural, economic or social ideology against another. Before you say in such a flippant way, "Tell me how [one  political, cultural, economic or social ideology'] is better than another", as one professing Christian online has deceptively and deviously made it out to be, with the intention of justifying her support for the earthly, worldly, demonic ideology of capitalism, while professing to be a Christian,  let me tell you this: it is not about one worldly, earthly, ungodly ideology against another. For each individual, it is a battle between giving up all of oneself to serve God, or to hold back from giving up all of oneself to serve God and have part of yourself serving yourself. To serve yourself in even the slightest is to be under the spirit of mammon.

The doctrine of "rights" is always, in any context, era, culture, or society about serving one's own interests. No matter what the intention behind it may be, it is always always about serving one's own (earthly) needs or interests. Some rights movements are more earthly and therefore more evil and demonic that others, such as the feminist movement, all under the guise of women's "rights" - that is the "right" to be sexually immoral, divorce their husbands, kill their "partners" under the guise of preservation of life, abandon their children and murder their children in the womb.

However, even if a particular rights movement is not one that seeks to legitimise gross sin like abortion or homosexuality, all rights movement seek ultimately to protect earthly things, whether it be so-called "basic" living standards, or even human life. One such movement is the pro-life movement, which I believe all Christians should study or have some relatively substantial knowledge about. It is the classic case of a rights movement which seeks to do good, but is concerned with the earthly. You may retort, "how is it earthly?" It seeks ultimately to save lives, that which even this vile world agrees with, albeit selectively with reservation in regards to which group is concerned.  If even this vile world agrees with saving lives, how "good" is one who saves lives? It is not that one is good by being concerned about saving lives. Rather, it is that one is extremely wicked and diabolical to even think about taking away human lives.

One particular modern evangelical told me that the Christian should be concerned with preaching the Gospel over the issue of abortion. That is right. Yet he supports the pro-life movement which is earthly and not at all Gospel-centred or Christ-centred. What partnership does light have with darkness? None. 2 Corinthians 6:14 says: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"

This is precisely what the modern church has done in adopting and accepting the doctrine of rights, among many other ungodly demonic doctrines. 

The whole spirit behind the doctrine of "rights" is the spirit of mammon which thrives on the carnal flesh and pride of life. Demanding one's rights is carnality.