Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Paedophilia Movement

There is a movement in the west which seeks to normalise and legitimise paedophilia. You may argue that is will not happen as so many naive Christians do, thinking that things do not change. Things do change. Just as the homosexual movement was underground for years, it sought to cast doubt on its immorality and decency, then creating a culture that tolerated it. This tolerance of homosexuality lead to one which eventually created a culture that views opposition or even the mere questioning of homosexuality as "hateful" and "bigotted". The paedophilia movement will be the same.

Both movements are entirely based on sexual pleasure, just as feminism was - feminists who would seek to legalise paedophilia, rape, bestiality and pornography if women were the ones were able to overpower men sexually through physical means.

There are a wide range of sources, both 'religious' and 'secular' which document the paedophilia movement:​