Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Why you should tell sinners that they are going to Hell

From Ray Comfort:

"Hell is eternal separation from God." G.J.
With due respect, Hell isn't separation from God, because He is omnipresent. He dwells everywhere. The Psalmist said that if he made his bed in Hell, God would be there.
I believe that modern unbiblical phrases such as "eternal separation from God" and "Christless eternity," are fear of man cliches the modern church has invented to skip talking about you-know-where.
But if I threaten a rebellious sinner with a "Christ-less eternity," it's not going to alarm him. He didn't want Jesus Christ in this life, and he won't want Him in the next. To be in Christless eternity (eternally separated from the God he hated and whose name he used as a cuss word) will sound more like a Heaven than Hell.
We must never be afraid to say the word "Hell," because that's a word sinners understand.