Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It is not that money is "not everything", it is nothing

Many unregenerate people happily accept the axiom that 'money is not everything' and live by it. Some of these people are the most unregenerate, evil, vile, wicked people, for example those secular women in the west who are competing with each other about 'having it all' - a family, career, romance, sex, money and all other material things.  Not all unregenerate people are as bad. These particular women have the lowest chance of entering the Kingdom of God, precisely because of their ruthless, and individualistic quest for all earthly material things, accumulating them all for themselves and seeking to take away all material things from their "partners", by seeking divorce.

Most of these vile, disgusting women who get married only to steal wealth from men. You may argue, "but they work" in their defence. That is exactly what makes it even worse. They are greedy, mammonised, liberalised, humanised people, most of whom can be guaranteed to die in Hell and be happy to go to Hell if they can accumulate all these things. You may say that all unsaved people are like that. No! Not all unsaved people are greedy. Some can be very content with what they have, of course, in a very earthly way, but at least not greedy. Even these unregenerate, vile whores in the west are able to happily live by the axiom that 'money is not everything'.

The Bible does not say "money is not everything". Rather, it says that is is vanities and vanities (Ecclesiastes 1:2), a dangerous threat to the soul (Matthew 6:24-34), the spirit behind which will seduce most people to shun the righteousness of God, and seek these earthly things - all of which are passing away. The Bible constantly makes references to flee after these riches of the world (1 Timothy 6:9-11; Hebrews 13:5). It says in 1 Timothy 6:11 to flee these things as 1 Corinthians commands the Christian to flee fornication and flee idolatry. Flee not only to avoid it, but run from it as far away as possible. Fleeing something means not only to not entertain or court something,  but to ruthlessly, aggressively shun it. This refers not only to fornication, but seeking after the riches of the world. 

One might say, "I am not rich or seeking after money". That may well be true. Even many unsaved people are not seeking after money such as the ones in the poorer nations who are very content with what they have. However, what are you seeking or not content with? It may be your enjoyment of your family, your job which may be very very meaningful and one that does seek to help the needy, education, or even just providing for the earthly temporal needs of your family.  Even many unregenerate God-haters are capable of being content in the earthly sense of course.

Some unregenerates genuinely live by the maxim that money is not everything in that they seek to have things other than money - such as a good reputation earned by doing "good works" such as seeking to help victims of domestic violence, helping children who are victims of child abuse or helping all people have basic accommodation. This makes them all the more abominable for the good works of the unrighteous are filthy rags to the Lord (Isaiah 64:6). Their good works will all the more damn them because all their good works are done in self-righteousness and pride. Whenever anything is done in pride, it is self-serving, to serve the flesh. This explains why even the more wicked people are capable of "charitable" works. Even Charles Ponzi, the wicked, vile, abominable moneychanger, once said that he desires to help other people. Unregenerate people all think they are better than Christians because they can do "good" works. However, their "good" works are all filthy, disgusting rags because they seek to glorify their own flesh, in their pride. To glorify oneself is to spit on God's face. Such is the case of these "good" people, whether they are the vile hypocritical pro-life catholics, mormons, feminists or atheists, or whether they are the vile feminists who seek to help (supposed) victims of domestic violence. These people do not live for money alone, although they live for basic monetary needs too. That these people seek to do works that are not 'material' by no means makes them less mammonised. Not at all!  As long as one is seeking to live for oneself, and anxious about anything that is earthly, even basic personal safety, or basic needs, one is under the spirit of mammon.

To claim that one does not live only for money is not in any way to be content with what one has. Rather even to genuinely believe  that money is not everything is to be mammonised, through finding self-contentment. Self-contentment is the attitude of the mammonised people who are not rich, at least in the relative sense. They believe money is not everything because they are self-content with what they have. They are content with the fleshly satisfaction their relative wealth or poverty gives. Such is the case of the unregenerates. They say that are 'happy' with their lives, not because they are humble, but because they are proud. They are proud of what they have, whether it be having a family, and career, and yet think they are so humble in their prideful self-contentment. This is the spirit of worldly contentment which is the type of contentment the unsaved can and do often have.

Money and all other materials things are not only "not everything". They are vanity. Money is nothing. The world is passing away (1 John 2:17).