Thursday, 12 March 2015

Intolerance is a Virtue

One modern evangelical said to me that "I think Australians think we are ... intolerant (of other religions)". Intolerance is a virtue. If a person was a paedophile, or murderer, would you tolerate him? Would you tolerate his motives? No, you surely wouldn't. 

The statement that Christianity is intolerant is a utterly deceptive one. Ask the person who makes the claim, "are you being tolerant?". Ask him, should a person from a culture where paedophilia is legitimate and thinks there is nothing wrong with it be tolerated? 

​The same applies with religions and culture. The beliefs people have are real and certainly a person may not act on it. However, the eternal consequences are real. That is the real issue and the Christian need to help the unsaved see this by just using the Law of God - having one's own religion is idolatry, not putting God first. 

The Christian needs to remember that false religions are demonic and should not be tolerate whatsoever, regardless of what the world thinks.