Saturday, 21 March 2015

Letter to the Church from Abolitionist Society of Reno

Dear Bride of Christ... be not hearers of the word only. Have your hearts grown SO COLD and SO DARK and SO DEAD that you have not enough love for the smallest, weakest, the most innocent to demand the lives of every one of them? To refuse to give up even one?

Dear Bride of Christ. WAKE UP. You have work to do, and it demands to be done whether you like it or not, whether it suits the political climate or not, whether it seems practical or not. Your Father commanded it. Why continue to hesitate and justify your inaction with silly plans for incrementalist victory? Throw away your foolish pride and politics! Your politics are faithless cruelty toward those who need your compassion most of any and all on the earth! Stop your hemming and hawing, stop your stupid roundabout plans for so-called gradual victory! Stop your delegating your duties to the PLM. Stop it. Pick up your cross and bring the Gospel into conflict with the world in the very place where the fire rages hottest. Stop agreeing with the world. Stop compromising. Stop conceding. STOP.
You have work to do. Do it.