Thursday, 26 March 2015

No such thing as a "culturally sensitive" so called "method" of evangelism

There are no easy steps to witnessing! No painless, unembarrassing methods! You must bring men to see that they are filthy sinners under the wrath of God who must flee to Christ for mercy. That is offensive. And there is no way to coat it with honey - Walter J. Chantry

Exactly. To insist on being culturally sensitive is like trying to make a bitter pill of medicine which the sick patient already does not want to take, loose its bitterness. It is not that the patient will not want to take it whether it is dissolved in a nice cup to drink or in a hard pellet. The method does not matter, if there is a such thing at all. It is that bitterness which the patient needs to taste to be cured. Thus, to make evangelism "culturally sensitive" is to tell someone to not evangelise. This is what modern evangelicals do. Yet, in being "culturally sensitive", they think they are so gracious and gentle, imposing their rules of "cultural sensitivity" on others.