Friday, 30 January 2015

"Cultural sensitivity" training

Many workers now need to undergo "cultural sensitivity" training to understand how to "care" for the cultural values of others. Such is the humanistic spirit which thinks it is 'secular sin' of heresy to make others feel upset about their "alternative" lifestyles which may include homosexuality or pagan rituals such as child-sacrifice.

This false doctrine has crept into the modern church which imposes what it sees of 'culturally appropriate' ways to share the Gospel. The truth is that there are no culturally appropriate ways to do so, because  the Gospel is offensive to the proud, rebellious, Hell-deserving sinners who are dying all around us.

The church should just stop the in-fighting about "methods" of sharing the Gospel and just preach it. 

Do not listen to what modern evangelicals say about culturally sensitivity. Ignore them. They are like the firefighters who fiddle over what type of hose to use and tell other firefighters that too large a hose is not good because it may 'upset' the people being rescued over their house being doused in water.