Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hatred of the world

“So ‘despising the shame;’ does that mean I am to hate the shame the world heaps on me. I don't understand how I would do that.” Caroline Lee
The world hates the godly for the same reason criminals hate the police. They look at officers of the law with scorn.
The world not only hates us for our stand for morality (the moral Law), but it casts extra scorn upon us because we have a contemptible childlike faith in God (“You believe all those silly Bible stories!”). This is called "the reproach of Christ.”
But just as a good police officer ignores the scorn of lawbreakers, and wears his badge with pride, we couldn't care less that the world despises the label “Christian” and looks upon Jesus Christ with the utmost hatred and contempt.
We wear that shame as a badge of honor, knowing that the day is coming when we will be vindicated and that shame will turn to unspeakable and everlasting joy.

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Indeed, every single unsaved person hates every single true Christian. If an unsaved person does not hate you as a Christian, you are doing something wrong.