Saturday, 31 January 2015

Modern church prostitutes herself to the world

The problem in the modern world today where the church is trampled upon and spat on by the unsaved is not with the unsaved. The unsaved know not what they are doing. They are blinded by satan and cannot see what is right because of this. It is the Christians who must expose works of darkness.

However, today's church, in the name of being "tolerant" and "kind" seek to please men rather than God. This is the case of many of you including the staff worker from a campus ministry who keeps trying impose his rules of gentleness. Gentleness is not a set of rules, which this person makes it out to be, but a fruit. By fearing men, and trying to not "offend" people, pandering to human sensitivities which are all evil, the church has not only lost it salt and light which Jesus commanded it to produce. It is has prostituted itself to the world. 

Worse still, one of the people from this ministry has tempted me for 40 nights and days into his man-fearing ways.  I have resisted him. I have offended him. It indicates I have done a good job by fearing God rather than man.

Cursed are those who walk in the ways of man. Cursed even more are those who know not to walk in the ways of man but still pander to man's way and encourage others to do so.