Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Example of postmodern thinking in the church

One modern evangelical who I have and will continue to cut off all contact with wrote a reply to what he perceived to be offensive report of facts. Such is the postmodern thinking that has crept into the church. Look at how arrogantly he said ‘let me quote one of your recent emails and show how I and I’m sure many others receive it’, assuming that his opinion and that of others matter. Look at how perverse he had to be by highlighting his responses, as if I was blind. That is why I will not talk to him ever again. My response to his response is in light blue. I have shown the parts of his comments which reveal his mere opinion in red.

The email from the person with his comments interspersed and by reply to his comments in blue:

To demonstrate how you are heard, let me quote one of your recent emails and show how I and I’m sure many others receive it. My responses (in terms of what I’m thinking as I read your email) are the highlighted bits:

Many of you, but not all of you love to say "I feel offended..." or inwardly feel offended whenever I rebuke you Yep, that’s me, you rebuke me with no real knowledge of me or my life or beliefs or understanding of what I’ve said – you constantly seem to misrepresent me and attack me.

I’m not ‘attacking’ you. I am reporting on what is going on and portraying the general attitude of the modern church.

That is why some of you do not even want to go near the facebook page we made, let alone read itThat’s right
I question whether some of you are really true converts Now because I find you method offensive, or inappropriate my salvation is in doubt – this is hardly fair. Perhaps you are the one who is not living out your salvation in the fruit of the Spirit. There is no grace or generosity in your approach here – you are testing my faith and repentance on my agreement with your method of evangelism which I do not agree is the only biblically mandated way. Now you have moved beyond a disagreement about method to suggest I have no salvation in Jesus, no faith in him, no repentance from sin, despite the fact you don’t really know me.

It’s not because you do not ‘agree’ about whether WOTM is the only Biblically mandated way. It is not about whether you “agree”. Your use of the word “agree” shows your postmodernised mindset in Biblical issues. The Bible has only one right meaning – no others. The Bible shows the Law of God and Gospel being used to witness. Why are you so opposed to it? What better method can you think of that surpasses that of the Bible? I am following the Bible’s method, you are not. A postmodernised mind may indicate an unregenerate mind.

because of how offended you feel about using the 10 Commandments in evangelism. and how you accuse me of clinging to my "rights" when it is really you who are clinging onto your "rights". When referring to the phrase 'deserving of Hell or 'not deserving of Salvation', which is true of EVERYONE, you refer to me alone, as though it does not apply to you. Can you answer why? I can’t think of when I have done this, but because of the nature of the email I feel like you are angry at me for it. Perhaps it was someone else, but your anger is directed at me as a recipient of the email. Why you’re saying this to me I do not know, surely you should just say it to the person who said it to you. As it is I’m getting pretty sick of reading your attacks already – can I be bothered reading on? Not really, but I’m interested to see what other accusations you level at me for no good reason. 

Simply because someone sounds angry at you does not mean it is directed at you, but rather it is a general comment based on facts. Plus, why are you so interested in accusations against you if you are so offended? Because you are too proud and self-conscious, caring about what people think of you.

You may be trying to hide your anger at me, but I can see your anger at me. Some of you inwardly accuse me of self-righteousness because I have rebuked you but you can't accept it. That is why you think I am self-righteous, but that is only how you feel. I am not the one who is self-righteous. You feel that way out of your own pride. This is a strong statement which I have never accused you of, but without any real insight into me and my heart you accuse me of it none the less. Rather than you listening to the critique of your brothers and sisters you lash out at all of us calling us proud for thinking that your presentation and means are not helpful.

I am not ‘accusing’ you, but rather am portraying the general attitude within the church. You are the one taking it so personally. Such is your postmodernised thinking. Postmodernism is filthy rotten thinking, belonging only the unregenerate, Hell-deserving sinners.

That is why. I am not saying what I am saying. I am saying what Jesus said. And so finally you hit me over the head with “if you disagree with me, you’re really disagreeing with Jesus”

It is not that what I am saying is my “opinion” as you interpret it to be. I am reporting what is from the Bible and presenting it.  How dare you accuse me of equating myself to Jesus?