Monday, 5 January 2015

Justice and Punishment

The harlot and her soliciting

Daisy was not her real name. It was her false name which she uses to protect her so that she can carry out her “trade” safely. She was a “sex worker” as she called herself and was unashamed of it. A harlot is what she should be called.

She has just received a text message on her phone on 29 December 2014 at 1am in the morning in her Sydney home. Her ‘client’ (more rightly called her victim) had just sent her a text message to confirm their meeting at a prestigious Grand Chancellor Hotel in Adelaide  on the dark crime-ridden Hindley Street, the street well known for its drug-dealing, tattoo parlours and murders. In her energised persona, seeing the opportunity to make easy money, she sent him 9 photos of herself, all scantily clad. She made sure she would send her most prized photo of herself which was featured in almost all the pornography magazines around the world. It was, however, just another scantily clad photo of her holding a poodle which her victims found so ‘cute’, and one which profits enabled her to pay off her university fees.

She then immediately booked a flight from Sydney to Adelaide scheduled to depart from 29 December at 7pm on that very same day. It was the earliest flight available. Frustrated that there was no earlier flight, she spent the rest of the day buying the most expensive body lotions, creams, and the most exotic range of eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. All typical duties of a harlot, albeit self-imposed, but what she thinks to be worth it all. The mindset of any harlot is that there is no better life than money, pleasure and power, which came from her beauty. She gives herself the “dignified” term of ‘sex worker’, because the terms ‘harlot’ or ‘prostitute’ infuriates her.

The day quickly passed, and it was soon 4pm. She packed all her beauty products and the clothes which enabled her to dress up just enough to be scantily scad to be seen as ‘naked’ by her unsuspecting clients. She arrived just in time at Sydney airport, ready to depart Sydney for Adelaide. She was ready to embrace, caress her mystery client who secretly sought to marry her.

The client

Her mystery client was not an elderly man who had no wife. In fact, he was a young man, employed at the most prestigious law firm in the nation, and rich. He had been through much pain as a young boy. Abused by his mother, he fought against all odds to enter law school on a scholarship at the top-ranking university, and pursued a life of achievements. Underneath that facade of achievements was a deep sense of loneliness.

He tried to fill that emptiness inside, and after realising that achievements were empty, he was lonely, depressed and above all, angry. He has a pleasant outward demeanour, but deep down inside he was angry, sad and depressed. He felt rejected, and took this opportunity to find a romantic partner.  Little did he know that Daisy was a predator.  Little did he know she seeks to steal all his hard-earned money and possessions.  Little did he know the devastation this meeting would bring upon his whole life and soul.

The meeting

Anxious to see her, the young man texted Daisy at half past 9 o’clock in the evening. Daisy was flattered by his excitement of meeting her for she had told him she would arrive in Adelaide at around the time he texted her. He sent 3 text messages before she finally called him after checking out and collecting her luggage at Adelaide airport.

“Hello sweetie”, she crooned. “I’ll be there shortly for your pleasure.” She calmly and quickly travelled to the meeting place which was at the basement of Grand Chancellor Hotel. She checked into the hotel. The young man was excited at the thought of being seduced and lead into the hotel room of the harlot for she flattered him with her lips. The harlot is a woman of sweet lips, but a bitter tongue, hands that feel soft, but are full of blood.

She called him to locate him within the basement floor of the hotel, and as soon as their eyes meet, her eyes gleaned with the thought of more money, pleasure and power. He eyes were getting hot from the lust at the mere gaze at her. So, she led him to her den and they knew each other carnally for the night and the day after. He followed her around to gain her favours and cheaper deals.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve struck. It was a day known for drunkenness in pubs. Drunkenness in public places is associated with wild sexual orgies. As a highly experienced harlot, Daisy knew this and took advantage of this day which was good for her ‘trade’. The young man and Daisy went out together to go attend wild New Year Eye parties. He secretly wanted to divorce his wife and marry her. His wife had been so good to him, but yet he was not satisfied. He was fare game for Daisy, and Daisy had trapped him in his snare.  The tragic thing was that he did not even realise it.

He feared his wife would find out because she was good to him, and he knew deep down inside that Daisy would be unfaithful. Indeed, her orgies at the parties with some new and old clients confirmed the fears he had about her faithfulness.  Her old clients indeed are not old clients, they were continuing clients addicted to pornography, including child pornography.

The young man was enjoying his carousing with some friends – he had drunk much wine but was not yet inebriated. He went to be bathroom, only to find Daisy engaging in an orgy with multiple drunken men. Furious, shocked and dazed, he ran out of the bathroom and vomited in a deserted park where no one could see him. She had ruined his night.

Bitterness and hate

His tender affection for her had turned into rage. Little did she know that his rage would turn into revenge. The man she was indulging in fornication with in the bathroom soon paid her $500 of cash from his pocket, for he was proud of making the young man jealous. He knew he was jealous because he had known about the young man. Daisy had told this jealousy-mongering man about his sexual encounters with her.  He had booked for a “meeting” with her on the night of her fornication with the young man whose rage would turn sour and bitter.

Daisy was no victim as she would like to make people think. She was exuberated when she stirred up the jealousy of the multitudes of men who had committed adultery with her.  Anyone who thought a harlot was a victim is tragically naive. There was nothing that satisfied her more than breaking down marriages and causing men to suicide. In fact, one of her past victims who had foolishly fell into her trap committed suicide by jumping off a balcony at the hotel where she committed her fornication.


The young man had enough. He would not let this woman drive him to depression and suicide. So, on New Year’s Day early in the morning, he purchased a top-grade knife and an iron baton. He went to meet her in her room at Grand Chancellor Hotel where she was waiting to commit her fornication with him.

When she was deep in her scheming, thinking of how to seduce him, he turned on the bathroom water to block out the sound of neighbouring rooms. He then slashed her throat 20 times with brute force, and stabbed her cheeks 10 times. He then beat her skull with the iron baton until it cracked and her teeth were knocked out.

Once that was done, he left the hotel, quietly and relieved, feeling that justice had been done.

Justice was done.