Saturday, 9 May 2015

Liberalism is Secular Humanism, a Doctrine of Demons

Secular humanism, whether politically, culturally or socially 'liberal' or 'conservative, is liberalism is the spiritual sense. This explains why there are unsaved people who are happy to embrace political, cultural or social conservativism - because it is not of God. Unsaved social conservatives, of whom most of them are, hate God. They hate Jesus Christ. They are servants of satan. They are dead in sin. They walk in darkness and are darkness.

The modern church thinks that political, cultural or social conservatism is right to embrace because it not  political, cultural or social liberalism, that is liberalism in the political, cultural or social sense, as opposed to the spiritual sense. This is one of the many many deceptions that many in the modern church are under. Many in the modern church cannot even get their head around this concept, let alone the concept of usury and the modern economic system which is not merely 'political' but that which concerns morality and ethics (This will be explained in a future article on this blog).

Secular humanism elevates humans above all things in its arrogance, thinking that it is wiser than God and need not God. This is the height of wickedness. There is no difference in the manner of spirit of both unsaved 'liberals' and 'conservatives. They are all under that same humanistic spirit, that same spirit of liberalism which feeds them lies that satisfy their flesh (1 John 2:16) and wisdom that is earthly, sensual and demonic (James 3:15). 

The test for determining whether one is under earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom, or godly, spiritual and heavenly is whether it:

  • Produces good words (James 3:13) as opposed to evil words
  • Leads to works done in meekness (James 3:13) as opposed to pride and self-centredness
  • Thrives on bitter envying and strife (James 3:14)
  • Leads to confusion and every evil work (James 3:16)
  • Is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated (James 3:17)
  • Is full of mercy and good fruits (James 3:17)
  • Is without partiality (James 3:17)
  • Is without hypocrisy (James 3:17); and
  • Produces fruit of righteousness as sown in peace (James 3:18).
Earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom thrives on bitter envying and strife. It lead to confusion and every evil work. It is derives from lies and deception and embraces lies. It is impure, and full of ulterior motives. It had no mercy and unforgiving, insisting on its own way. It is partial and hypocritical. Such wisdom is absolutely barren of all righteousness and never sown in peace, nor can ever be sown in peace. Such earthly, sensual wisdom is always sown in strife and bitter envying. 

Does liberalism in the spiritual sense not fit all these traits? It certainly does because not only it is of the flesh, but it loves the flesh, thinking the flesh is justified in all that it does.  It militantly insists that the flesh is that which should be obeyed, and that all alternative, often , "religious", principles, beliefs and doctrines are subject to it and must accommodate for it.  It is the spirit behind liberalism in the true spiritual sense which demand that the fleshly human nature be served first and accommodated above all else, if nothing else. Such is the spirit of witchcraft which works with liberalism to seduce the masses in the west which is lovestruck by liberalism.

It is because it demands that the doctrines which not only embrace, but insist that is must obey and serve the fleshly human nature, that liberalism works with the spirit of mammon and the whole mammonised system.

Liberalism is a truly a doctrine of demons, embraced by all sides of political, and adherents to different cultural and social ideologies in the modern west.