Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The spirit of witchcraft and rebellion works to Pervert the Moral Law of God

The unsaved are tempted and seduced by another spirit other than mammon, the spirit of witchcraft which feeds on the rebellious flesh which is carnal and loves all worldly wisdom, and hates all of God's wisdom. The spirit of witchcraft preys on the fools in Proverbs 6 and 7, who represents the fool who rejects God's Wisdom. Proverbs 6 and 7 refers to a foolish man who is snared by an adulterous woman who causes him to yield through spiritual rape (Proverbs 7:21). This is precisely what all adulterous women do and are; they rape men spiritually, and only capable of doing such things.

However, this is not the only example of spiritual rape. This spiritual rape which the spirit of witchcraft seeks to do occurs as as result of the person ensnared in sin being deceived by his or her own sin, and the person loving the deception out of his or her own fleshly, carnal nature, hostile against God.  The person who seeks to seduce such people into sin or tempt them into bondage into sin is the predator - the spiritual predator, rather than a political, cultural, social or economic predator. The person who is seduced into sin as a result of embracing and loving deception to satisfies one's flesh is the spiritual victim. One may argue that the person is not a spiritual victim because of one's own choice to sin. That is true, however, it is that the person is not only being tempted, but imposed with a temptation, like that of the adulterous woman who causes the foolish man to yield (Proverbs 7:21) that he is a victim.

Many people think that a person having a temptation imposed on them is not a spiritual victim. The unsaved think that such a person is not a spiritual victim because they themselves are blinded by their own sin, thinking it is not only legitimate, but liberating to yield oneself to such sin. They think that being seduced by lies which makes them feel good, by feeding on their lusts of the flesh and pride of life, is good. Such is the blindness of the unsaved, who think they are very 'liberated' because of their "freedom" to sin. They are also blinded by satan (2 Corinthians 4:4) who feeds them the lies which legitimise their own sin. That the person ensnared by one's sin is blinded by that sin is all the more the reason why they are spiritual victims, not spiritual rapists like the adulterous woman of Proverbs 6 and 7.

Of course, the reason why the person falls into sin is because of their fleshly hostility against God. He who seeks not God will fall into sin. It is ultimately because of their own hostility against God. However, this does not in any way mean the person is not victim under the bondage of sin imposed on another. No! That is all the more the reason why the person is a victim of people and evil powers which seek to make another person fall and drag him to Hell. The issue is that the person is becoming more and more enslaved into sin, on the road to Hell. 

The spirit of rebellion seeks to incite people into not only legitimising one's sin but to think that it should be accepted by others. Those who stir up strife to legitimise their sins are pursuing not merely a vain goal which does in no way truly legitimise their sins, but further deceiving themselves. The examples of such people are those who seek to argue that abortion is not murder of a human, or that it is a 'necessary evil', rather than an evil act per se, and always evil regardless of the circumstances. This is precisely what many pro-lifers do. They think that abortion is evil, but in some cases it is a necessary evil. Whoever thinks this is under a doctrine of demons! The pro-life movement promotes doctrines of demons by the subtle twists of the Bible. One may argue that one is not teaching doctrines of demons because one uses the Bible or that all one says is from the Bible. What foolishness! Doctrines of demons use the Bible and twist it like what some pro-life pastors to do claim that incrementalism is Biblical, consistent with the Ephesians 5:11 mandate of exposing evil and reproving them. 

Rebellion comes not merely from doing certain things or not doing certain things which are sins. No! It comes from the heart and the manner of spirit in which it thinks. Rebellion is of the manner of spirit because rebellion is that which is from the heart. As long as what one does is not done by fully trusting in God, that is to have faith, one cannot please God. And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23). 

One modern evangelical once asked in his shrill voice, "why should we use the Biblical model of evangelism" as though it was unnecessary because he was so "wise", "shrewd" and "knowledgeable". This was the spirit of manner by which he approached me in indirectly telling me to not use Way of the Master, under the guise of "gentle" rebuke and "care". Such is the spirit of rebellion, thinking that one can deny the authority of the Bible by thinking one can do what one needs to do in one's own way. 

You may argue that you are not, but whatever you want to call it Mr people-fearing, Modern Evangelical, but by even thinking of such a question, you are denying the wisdom of God. You are blaspheming God in asking such as question, while yet claiming you are not teaching doctrine of demons. Acting in such as way and teaching based on such denial of the wisdom of the Bible is itself to teach doctrine of demons by your words and actions. 

Many in the modern church think that where the Bible does not say anything about certain things, one is free to think about that thing in any way one chooses because there is no Biblical prescription or principle about it. What foolishness! This is the foolishness of foolishness. Simply because the Bible does not say anything about a particular thing being a sin does not mean it is not. You may argue that that is not what you think, but rather that you are in favour of Christian liberty. Such is a deceptive argument. 

The issue is the spirit of manner of an act and the heart in which it is done, which determines whether it is sin. Anything that is not done in faith in God is sin. What does this means? This means that as long as something is done to entertain or make even the slightest provision for the flesh, it is sin itself. Believing that one can do evangelism in one's own strength which is what most modern evangelicals seem to think is a sin. It wreaks of the vile, abominable, evil, blasphemous trust in the flesh, manifesting in fear of people and the imposition on others to pander to the carnal human sensitivities in evangelism. Such is the manifestation of one modern evangelical I have encountered. He himself admitted to me he fears people. 

There are some things in which the manner of spirit and heart in which it is done is always against the Spirit, and therefore for the flesh. Such things include fornication, adultery, and usury. These things are always done in a manner of spirit against the Spirit of God because acts are in themselves against God. There are also some things that the manner of spirit and heart in which it is done is not always in the flesh, but can be done in the manner of spirit of the flesh. Such things include eating much food, work, seeking to be married, and desiring a good education for one's children. 

The spirit of witchcraft seeks to not merely enslave a person into the bondage of sin, but to accept and totally submit to its desire to control over others in causing them to sin. This almost always manifests in domineering behaviour of those who seek to make others fall into sin with them, or those who seek to impose their people-fearing ways of apolegetics or evangelism. 

In the context of discussing theological issues, it manifests in a person who not merely argues relentlessly about what the Biblical truth in seeking "loopholes" in the Bible, taking truth out of context. It manifests in a person who argues militantly and harshly, but yet seeks sympathy from others,  seeks to always finds "loopholes" in the Bible to use against the person teaching sound Biblical doctrine. The person also is extremely hostile against anyone who is teaching sound Biblical doctrine about a particular point, and accuses such people of being guilty of "offending" them because of the hostility against the person under the spirit of witchcraft. Such is the case of a modern evangelical I have meant.

He makes personal accusations against me by telling me that what I was doing in seeking sound doctrine and telling other people about them was "sad" because it was not doing so in the personal relational manner. He also accuses me of using false dichotomy in saying that it is better to be slapped by a friend with the the truth about where they are headed for, than kissed by an enemy, the world and the devil who deceives the unsaved into thinking there is no judgment of sin. He uses this to spiritually control those who use his unfavoured "method" of evangelism into doing it his way. He also uses the verse which says to be "all things to all men" (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) to find a way to justify not using the Law of God alone which gives people knowledge of sin (Romans 3:20). 

As such, he has made me stumble so much, and I am still barely recovering from his doctrine of demons which he was deceived into believing in. Yet, ironically as he was preaching about not causing others to stumble and being all things to all men, he did just the very thing he was preaching against, and yet accuses me of being hypocritical by hating his visits to this blog for his manner of spirit in which he does so.

The spirit of witchcraft seeks to hold people into bondage to sin, whether unsaved or saved. She targets those who who deceived or even entertain for one moment in one's thoughts a doctrine of demons, such as people-fearing cultural sensitivity done under the guise of "gentleness", and of course, all the liberal doctrines of western philosophy. She enslaves by the deceptions which makes a person think it is legitimate to entertain or make provisions for the lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life, even just to the slightest extent. This is how she works with the spirit of rebellion. 

She blinds the unsaved into thinking that one need not obey God, or be accountable to God. She also blinds the saved into thinking that one can impute earthly, demonic doctrines into the Bible within one's faith, which is just foolish, or that one can make compromise with evil Biblically using Ephesians 5:11 by supporting good actions, that are mixed with or attached to an evil action and of an evil demonic spirit behind it - spirit of rebellion which is happy to seek the good from others who obey the Law of God, but as the same time tries to twist it to justify evil. Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good, light darkness and darkness light, and those who mix sweetness with bitterness and bitterness with sweetness!

The spirit of witchcraft uses the fleshly desire to enjoy the 'benefits' of obedience to God's Law, to deceive people into compromising with evil and accepting the evil attached to good actions. Accepting evil attached to good actions is evil itself. It is iniquitous which is precisely what the medieval Church did in accepting "low" rates of usury and the pro-lifers who support legislation which bans abortion only conditionally, rather than unconditionally for the evil it really is.

Such is the spirit of witchcraft who holds people into bondage to their sins and deceives people into thinking they are doing good by accepting "good" that is attached to evil. This is not obedience to God, but the most vile, abominable and blasphemous acceptance of all, all while thinking that one is pleasing God. 

The Moral Law of God is perverted by such people and the vile, abominable and evil world is given an opportunity to blaspheme God all the more because of such professing Christians who compromise with evil.