Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The spirit of Liberalism works with the spirit of Witchcraft to Deceive and Enslave

The modern world is one that is full of individualism. Individualism is the ethic. Anything that challenges this individualism which is of the spirit of independence is that which is deemed backwards, morally controversial for being "oppressive" to individuals and deserving of all scorn. This is no exaggeration. All the modern liberalist ideologies are based on this notion that humans are supreme and each human has a right to seek one's own ends. Such is the modern world. 

The modern world is one that is under the spirit of liberalism, who seduces people into seeking and demanding that their own fleshly lusts be not only legitimised and accomodated for, but demands to be the law of the world. The law of the modern world that is enforced through culture, societal norms, legislation and courts of nations is that each individual has a unalienable right to do as one chooses - as long as it does not infringe on that of others. It is not out of kindness or consideration for others that it attaches the condition of one's "rights" not infringing on that of others to make it legitimate. No! Do not be deceived, this condition is attached out of selfishness - because the typical evil, wicked modern person has an ungodly, wicked, godless fear and anxiety for his or her "sacred" "rights" to do as one chooses to be infringed on. 

The whole concept about competing rights is a wicked, abominable doctrine of demons. It is from the Pit of Hell, and anyone who even believes in such a doctrine that one has right to do as one chooses will burn in Hell on that grounds. This includes many professing Christians. Even many true Christians have been deceived into thinking that the doctrine that one has a "right" to do anything is just wicked, evil and demonic. The very doctrine of "rights" that one is entitled to anything is demonic to the core. No one has rights because none of us 'deserve' anything except for eternal Damnation. So thus, one's possessions, liberty, and very breath is not a "right" but an undeserved gift. Yet, so many professing Christians think that such are "rights" and tell the world and agree with the world on this. 

For the church to agree with the world about anything itself warrants questioning about the Church's walk with God. While it is true that simply because the world and the church may agree on something legitimately, for example that God exists, that even satan agrees on. However, it is not by believing in truth that makes one righteousness. You may say, "at least the world believes that God exists" because God has made Himself known to every person, or "at least the world acknowledges that murder is wrong". Good! Even satan believes that God exists and acknowledges that murder is wrong. That the world acknowledges murder and violence is wrong is not out of its righteousness for it is only capable of wickedness, and nothing else. It acknowledges it because of its selfish love of its own life, out of self-preservation. 

It is precisely because this is true that murder is wrong and all people acknowledge it, at least in respect of their own life, that satan tries to blind the unregenerate masses into attaching a qualification to the truth that murder is wrong. He does this by arguing that where the life of the mother of an unborn in "threatened", child murder, called 'abortion' to use the extremely term, is not only right, but that it is wrong to deny an abortion even by one's conscience, as if there was much an excuse for murder. If one is going to argue that there is a qualification for murder, one does support murder, such as child-murder and is extremely hypocritical in claiming that one is against murder. 

Most people in the world are for murder and love murder for they are satan's beloved servants, except, of course, only when their life is threatened to be murdered. If not, they are all to happy to acquiesce to it, or even support it, thinking it is justified.  Such is the wickedness of the the spirit of liberalism who works through the unregenerate wicked people, who blinds people from the truth that sin is sin because it offends God. Such is the spirit of witchcraft who seeks to entice people into sin and trap people into a cycle or system of sin, such that the person contributes to it. This is the spirit of witchcraft who works through such people who forces other to sin on the grounds of one's very thinking. She actively seeks to trap people who do not want to commit a sin, into contributing to that systemic sin that he is cannot do anything about an as individual human. 

The spirit of witchcraft manifests herself in laws of nations that force people to violate their moral conscience to sin, or laws that use sympathy as a tool for someone's selfish desires to legalise a wicked sin like abortion in the case of the mother's "health" being threatened. The most classic example of her manifestation is through the whole modern financial system that forces all people to be contributing to the systemic sin of usury, whether the person wants to commit the sin of usury or not. 

She works with the spirit of mammon to enslave the masses into paying usurious debt to serve, not ultimately other persons living on the usurious profits of banks, but to serve mammon ultimately. She blinds the unregenerate masses into thinking that they are so 'independent' and 'self-sufficient' in buying a home for themselves and who work, as if a person is so 'capable' and 'independent' just because he or she works. 

Work is something that is no longer done out of liberty. Those days are of a by-gone era. Work in the modern world is done to ensure the most basic living conditions because all people must now pay usury to others to even buy a relatively cheap house which is extremely expensive compared to the most expensive houses of the previous few centuries. All the unsaved know that work is not done out of personal liberty but out of spiritual bondage. 

The unsaved labour grudgingly for earthly temporal things, only for their own financial security out of fleshly anxiety and fear. The true Christian labours, or should labour for the spiritual things,  out a desire to please God, and out of joy for labour. However, even many Christians today labour grudgingly for earthly temporal things, using the moral obligation to serve one's family as an excuse for their ungodly fleshly anxiety, and fear of lack of earthly security. The unsaved can see their attitude in many Christians today, which explains why Christianity is regarding by unsaved Americans are that which is materialistic, and the modern church is hypocritical This is not an indictment to the unsaved for they are right on this point. Rather, it is an indictment to the modern Christian in American who is under the spirit of mammon, and deceived into thinking that he is serving God by accumulating earthly things. 

It is not that one is accumulating earthly things that one is blessed by God. It is that is is cared for by God out of his grace and love. The material abundance that God may give to some of His children is only an indication of His care, not His care per se. Many Christians in the 21st century think that the material things themselves that God may have allowed them to have, or provided for them are blessings themselves. No! It is an indication. To claim that these material things themselves are the blessings from God is to imply that if God has not given one these material things, one is not blessed by God. This is doctrine of demons taught by the early American puritans who are mainly calvinists. Such is an idolatrous doctrine, that feeds on self-entitlement, based on the false doctrine that obedience to God warrants that one should gain such blessings. Anyone who even agrees to the slightest on this must be asked, do you deserve salvation? The answer is an absolutely no! 

All the half-truths embraced by the world are all of the spirit of witchcraft, which thrives on independence. The spirit of witchcraft feeds on the desire for independence of God and all other God-ordained authorities such as governments, church leaders, husbands, parents and employers.  She has seduced the church into accepting deceptive doctrines such as the calvinist doctrines that material things in themselves are blessings from God, blinding it into thinking that anything that challenges this is some kind of demonic doctrine. No! This doctrine that material things in themselves are a blessing from God is the demonic, earthly doctrine. It is not only of the spirit of self-entitlement, but of the spirit of independence, thinking that one need not God, but rather than God giving things of of His grace and to show His care because one was made to depend on Him. 

One may argue that the claim that the material blessings are not themselves blessings from God, but indications of God's Providence is the one that is of the spirit of independence. No! It is of the spirit of depending of God and knowing that God is the one who is the Provider. It acknowledges one's need to depend on God, as opposed to thinking that one receives material blessings because one 'deserves' and does not need God when one is more prosperous. The idea that material blessings themselves are God's blessing is idolatrous as it implied that these things are to be worshiped by taking in a self-entitled way, the gifts from the the Giver or Provider. 

The purpose of this demonic doctrine is to enslave people into thinking that they need to work for God's material Providence, a sign of His blessing.  It deceives people into serving mammon, instead of God, all while thinking that one is serving God to earn his blessings. It enslaves people into working for earthly temporal things which have no eternal value.