Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Liberalism is of the spirit of Independence from God

Liberalism is of the spirit of independence. Human nature thrives on independence which puffs up the flesh, making it "self-sufficient". No one seeks after God (Romans 3:11). That is exactly what independence is. It hates God for God made us to be dependent on Him and trusting in Him. Rather, the evil human flesh is proud, thinking that is need not God, and need not trust God.

The spirit of liberalism not only loves independence which is rebellion, but hates those who do not love independence from God. The spirit of independence works through all liberal ideologies, and therefore all western ideologies. It explains why secular working especially career women who think they are so 'high-class' and 'sophisticated' because they work, have a hatred of stay-at-home mothers, and an even greater hatred of the godly wise strong woman who labours hard for the God and is submissive in spirit to her husband. These secular "sophisticated" career women think that they are 'liberated' because of their mere ability to work, as it this means that one is so liberated, and perceive the godly wise strong woman to be "oppressed" because of her dependence - that is, dependence on God, not human counsel including that of the godless.  

The spirit of liberalism works through the unregenerate masses who are hostile against governments of nations. These anti-government activists are very independent people, thinking they are very "progressive" in doing so. They are independent of God, and in being independent of God, are dependent on earthly worldly counsel. The spirit of independence they are under, that is independence from God, is one that is not only satisfied with keeping the unsaved hostile against God. He is only satisfied when he can seduced the unsaved into anxiety and fear of negative earthly circumstances, such that they seek to soothe their anxiety and fears in fleshly worldly ways, and thus become even more independent of God. 

The spirit of independence blinds the unsaved into thinking that they do not need God, and even if they did, they can seek their own fleshly worldly counsel. He blinds them into thinking that such counsel is wise. Such counsel is earthly, sensual and demonic (James 3:15). These are the three characteristics of worldly counsel of the flesh that appeals to the flesh and enslaves it. Worldly counsel thrives on bitter envying and strife because it is of the flesh which can only envy and strive to be 'wise' (James 3:14; Romans 8:7-8).

Liberalism is the ultimate form of humanism as its purports that the greatest standard of ethic in its earthly wisdom is that that which satisfies the flesh to the maximum level is the wisest. It is most worldly of all worldly wisdom. It is the most earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom of all wisdom of the world, that which feeds on the carnal flesh which is self-centred. From such self-centredness comes bitter envying and strife, which thrive on earthly anxieties and fear. 

Mammon, as such, works with the spirit of liberalism to demand an economic and financial system that feeds on such bitter envying and strife, and which seeks to justify such evil. They only satisfied when they cause the masses to be enslaved to such envying, strife, anxiety and fear and desire these things in others, so as to control them.

Together, the spirit of mammon and spirit of liberalism seek to enslave people and blind them into thinking that being independent of God is not only wise, but moral, in seeking to be anxious for the things of the world, under the guise of being "caring" for the earthly needs of others