Monday, 11 May 2015

Liberalism is of the spirit of Witchcraft and Rebellion

Liberalism is of the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion. Witchcraft and rebellion can never be separated from each other. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king (1 Samuel 15:23).

Rebellion and stubbornness are serious sins in the eyes of God. However, even if the Bible did not explicitly state that rebellion and stubbornness are sins, we would all still know that they are sins because all humans know what is right and wrong because God has written His Moral Law on the hearts of every person whether he believes in Him or not (Romans 2:14-15).

Rebellion and stubbornness are sins that the world either thinks is justified and righteous, or deserving of all punishment. For the world, this depends on whether one's self-interests are at stake, and how those self-interests are affected as a result of rebellion and stubbornness. People in general, whether saved or unsaved, appreciated humility, meekness and gentleness, as opposed to pride, aggression and domination. 

Liberalism works through the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion. It works through rebellion by calling good evil and evil good, one of the sins which the Bible refers to as a woe: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isaiah 5:20)! The word 'woe' is used in the Bible to refer to those who are almost beyond repentance or those who God has already given up to their reprobate minds. Most of those people to whom the Bible expresses a woe for are in Hell right now, or will end up in Hell. This is not in any way to say that God is short in His grace and mercy, but rather to explain that the word 'woe' is used to warn about a very very serious grave sin leading to sin unto death.  It is true that the wages of any sin is death (Romans 6:23), however, there is a sin that leads unto death (1 John 5:17) as opposed to that which does not (1 John 5:16).  

Most of those people who are decidedly staunch anti-Christians, which includes many liberals, will sin unto death. This will take the straight road to Hell from the day they were born to the day they die. They will not have even considered whether the straight, wide, easy road to Hell is a 'good choice'. Instead, they will have enjoyed their whole life walking straight to Hell from birth to death, only to hate God even more in Hell. They will curse themselves in Hell, while yet hating God even more vehemently and wholeheartedly, but unable to do so because of their guilt from knowing that hating God is the most evil thing to do. Most people will live in misery, suffering, torment and spiritual bondage forever and ever and ever. How do I know? Jesus said so in Matthew 7:13 that many will take the broad path to Hell.

Liberalism not only justifies but demands that good is twisting into evil, and evil is twisted into good for a person to be moral. It is not that liberalism has no ethical or moral code. It does. It is not even that every single thing liberalism purports is that which is evil or false. No! The reason that not every single thing liberalism purports is evil or false is not because there is anything good in liberalism at all. No! Do not be deceived. All the elements of truth in liberalism are distorted. They are truths used for the purpose of serving an evil demonic agenda to call evil good and good evil. Liberalism is a doctrine of demons. It is precisely because liberalism uses truth for selfish ends and turn it into evil, and evil to turn it into good that is is the demonic evil it is. 

You may say, "don't liberals speak some truth"? Let me ask you, do you know who else speaks some truth and believe in truth? Satan. Satan speaks some truth, mixed with lies, and believes in one God. He believes that Jesus is sent of God and that Jesus died for the sins of the world so that whoever believes in Him can have everlasting life. Yes, satan twists truth and turns it into lies for evil purposes, and beloved servants, the liberals, do the same. Satan's slaves are deceptive like him, twisting some truth to turn it into lies and deception (2 Corinthians 11:13-14). 

Liberalism is the spirit who works with rebellion, the violation of God's Moral Law, and the twisting of it. The spirit of rebellion whispers in the ears of the unregenerate that they can do whatever they want to do without compromising their character and that they are inherently good people, or that even if they are not good people, they will not be punished. 

He, of course, also attempts to persuade the regenerate that while God's Word is ultimate authority, it can be interpreted in more than one way and that where the Bible is silent about something, one does not need to look at the way the Bible demonstrates that subject.  The classical example of this is "method" of evangelism. The Bible may not give specific instructions about how to evangelise. However, it does provide a model of evangelism that is not "culturally appropriate" or "culturally sensitive" (whatever these two garbage concepts are). It uses the Law of God when evangelising, whether to Jews or Gentile (Acts). To argue that the Law of God was only appealed to when witnessing to the Jews is the most deceptive, and abominable statement. 

The Moral Law of God was appealed to when evangelising to the Greeks and the Maltese in Acts. Do not let any modern evangelical stop you from using the Law of God in evangelism, to hinder you from doing so and imposing an burden on you, just because he feels uncomfortable about others using the Law of God. Is using the Law of God in evangelism a sin that one needs to stop others from doing so? That is what one modern evangelical who I know has repeatedly try to do. He was driven by fear of people and to listen to him was be a snare, for fear of man is a snare (Proverbs 29:25). The spirit which works through fear of man is the spirit of liberalism, the doctrine which implies that man should fear people rather than God. It is of the spirit of rebellion. No wonder such a person would arrogantly ask, "why should we follow the model of evangelism in the Bible?"

The spirit of rebellion is not satisfied with people who disbelieve or, in the case of the regenerate, people failing to fully agree with God has said. He seeks to control people in their rebellion and place those who are obedient to God in a form of spiritual bondage. He is only satisfied when he keeps people in blatant, defiant rebellion from God, his ultimate goal. He works with the spirit of witchcraft to entice already rebellious people into more rebellion by feeding on their desire to rebel from God and all other God-ordained authorities, such as governments, employers, pastors, husbands and parents. He seduces them with the spirit of witchcraft with feeds on the desire to not only rebel but to lead others into rebellion with oneself. This explains why rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23). Witchcraft itself is rebellion. 

The very desire to not seek God, or the desire to not fully trust and obey God is rebellion. The spirit of witchcraft, who is a real demon, seeks to feed on these evil human desires to entice people to impose their acts of rebellion on others, and to enforce their acts of rebellion as "rights". This enforcement of acts of rebellions is done by the world through political correctness, laws of nations, societal rules and cultural customs. It is also done through the whole financial system of the modern world which is a beast. 

The whole financial system itself is one that not only is pervasive, but forces people who do not want to be involved in the sin of usury into contributing to this systemic sin. This sin is enforced as part of the whole mammonised demonic financial system. The most obvious example is that older people require usury collected by banks to survive and have to live off. The person may not want to live off usury, but owing to the whole demonic system, the person is powerless to do anything about living off usury for he, like all other persons, is at the mercy of the "almighty" "sovereign" bank - the 21st century temple of mammon. Such is of the spirit of rebellion and witchcraft. The modern bank in the earthly worldly sense, is 'almighty' and 'sovereign' in that it controls the finance of the world, which controls every single person, or attempts to do so by making one feel anxious about one's earthly temporal needs. 

Another example of witchcraft which would be more easy to understand for many in the modern church would be the case of a godly man being married to a rebellious, hateful, hostile wife. She might seem nice externally, and very caring and kind. However, she acts in the spirit of witchcraft, seeking to stop him from obeying the 6th Commandment which is to honour one's father and mother, by stopping him from visiting his parents. The wife who practices witchcraft, that is, to seeks to control others into rebellion against God, also seeks to tempt her husband into violence against her children so that she can control him through the spirit of witchcraft. This is not of her own strength, but the demonic spirit of witchcraft which she is absolutely seduced by. This is by no means excusing her, but to explain the works of witchcraft and rebellion. 

The classic example of witchcraft working seeking to stir up culture wars would be that which works through abortion. The spirit of witchcraft works through those disgusting, vile, abominable, Hell-deserving, evil, demonic pro-abortion women, who are proud of their disgusting vileness and abominable thoughts and desires. They strut their sin like the homosexuals do, telling the world how they have had an "empowering" abortion. The pro-lifers and Christian abolitionists say that abortion is not empowering for those who have abortions. Even some feminists such as Catherine MacKinnon admit that "In other words, under conditions of gender inequality [abortion] does not liberate women; it frees male sexual aggression. The availability of abortion removes the one remaining legitimized reason that women have had for refusing sex besides the headache.”  Of course, the real reason why abortion is evil is because it offends God, not because it offends people, or upset people. It is not because of its consequences that makes it wrong. It is not even because abortion facilitates sexual immorality that makes it wrong, but rather that because it is evil that it leads to more evil, in this case, sexual immorality. 

Abortion is now a pervasive systemic sin because of the rampant sexual immorality and the support and acquiescence to such immorality by general society, and also the church of all people. The church should be the one who fights it to attack this systemic sin, to love God and to love people. Supporting sin or acquiescing with systemic sins is not love for God or people. This is because encouraging sin is not love, and that sin itself can never be love nor done in a truly loving way, out of agape (selfless) love.  To not confront sin is to love neither God nor people. It is to love oneself.

The spirit of liberalism deceives people into thinking that being 'tolerant' of sin is love and that being 'intolerant' of sin is hate. He has also deceived the masses into thinking that one should not "interfere" with the sins of others because that is "their" business. While it is true that they may choose to sin, the Christian has a duty to confront and attack sin by exposing evil (Ephesians 5:11). 

The spirit of witchcraft deceives people into thinking that it is wholesome and liberating to encourage others to sin because it liberates them. She deceives people into thinking that encouraging others to sin and tolerating sin is kind and gentle, and that discouraging and attacking sin is a mean-spirited, domineering act. This explains why pro-abortion women think that abortion is empowering and that men in the abolitionist movement hate them. No! A man being in the abolitionist movement is one of the greatest acts of kindness and love towards women. This is because abortion is that which does facilitate sexual exploitation of women, and allowing her to be used a tool for 'sexual' pleasure. 

Such is the spirit of liberalism, calling good evil and evil good. Such is the witchcraft who seeks to control others through her sin, and in doing so, is blinded into thinking that hatred of sin is controlling, domineering and oppressive.