Thursday, 28 May 2015

The spirit of mammon seeks to oppress people using finance

The world, in being under the power of darkness, is unable to deal with moral and spiritual issues. When it seeks to do so, it uses evil to fight evil, begetting more evil.  Oppression is of the devil. The devil loves oppression because he wants to keep people in bondage to sin, he wants to make people in bondage to trusting in the flesh. He wants to blind people into thinking that trusting the the flesh and things of the world is liberating, such that one will be in bondage to him and his ways. He wants to control people into serving sin, by stirring up and bringing in worldly systems that make it hard for people to escape. He wants to trap people into such systems.

Christian, you may argue that if people sin, that is their own choice. However, let us all look at ourselves and think about how we handle ourselves when faced with a system that seeks to trap us into sin, before pointing the finger at the unsaved and blaming people who can do nothing but sin. Many Christians simply blame the unsaved for being caught up in the system as though it was so easy to resist it. Before you point the finger at others, look at how easy it is for you to avoid sin in dealing with such pervasive evil systems, which the world is full of.

The most obvious and important example would be the global banking and finance system, which is of the spirit of mammon. It is even more important that the system of homosexual "marriage" or the murderous system of abortion. This is  because every person will need to deal with it directly, and be part of the system in caring for those around oneself. 

Parents will need to deal with it directly to look after their families, an obligation of all families. Governments need to deal with it because it determines the wealth of a nation, and hence the 'living standards'. Individuals need to deal with it directly because the bank is the only institution where one's money can be stored adequately. The elderly and other needy poeple depend on the bank for their usurious profits, especially with the neglect of the elderly by their uncaring, disrespectful, narcissistic adult children. The modern bank is now the "almighty", "sovereign" provider of all the earthly things in the world, including the most basic legitimate needs. Both the most wealthy and the most needy depend on the bank for the modern bank is the controller of all finance through debt financing. 

Everyone, whether unsaved or saved, is under the system of modern finance and banking because, in the earthly sense, it is the provider of money, and thus, all earthly needs. It is a matrix that all people who live in the 21st century have to deal with, and cannot escape from. The question, thus, is how one deals with one's encounter with this system. Each individual will need to think about how to deal with this system because it affects all individuals on an individual basis. 

It is all too easy for the Christian to simply dismiss the unsaved as, of course, being too greedy and envious, and as a result, become caught up in this system. However, many true Christians are themselves, trapped in usurious debt, imposed by the evil, vile, modern bank. The evil vile modern bank is precisely trying set up a system in which people, in the earthly sense, have to depend on usury, either to survive, generate sufficient income so as to be able to borrow money, to is to be "creditworthy", or to depend on usury that one can purchase a basic place to dwell in, or to obtain food, in the case of poor and needy nations, when developing. This is achieved by fractional banking, to create an infinite credit supply, such that people who need to borrow from the bank, are unable to repay their debts. 

Such is the spirit of witchcraft who seeks to control people by playing on the human weakness of anxiety, not to say, greed and envy. You may still simply dismiss it as the fault of the sinner. That is true that the sinner chooses to sin. However, the issue is not who's fault. The issue is to expose evil and rescue lost souls from the fires of Hell, teaching them to walk in the Commands of Christ (Matthew 28:16-20). That people choose to sin by no way means that there is no spirit of witchcraft seeking to enslave people to sin and be trapped in an evil pervasive system of the world which causes people to either indulge in sin, or stumble. Such spirit is like the adulterous woman in Proverbs 7 who causes even strong men, that is, strong in the faith, to fall into sin and be destroyed by it.

Avoid the bondage of sin, and the lures of an easy comfortable life. Rather, seek God and His ways and you shall be safe from sin.

My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD (Jeremiah 51:45).