Saturday, 30 May 2015

Material "equality" is earthly, sensual and demonic

Material (so-called) "equality" is earthly, sensual and demonic. It feeds on the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. It is because of this that material "inequality" upsets and offends people. The world, and also many true Christians endorse material "equality" because it is just so natural to believe in "equality". Many never question  material "equality" because of their selfishness. They think, 'of course, I should be treated as an equal' in the material, and thus, earthly sense.

I will not get involved in any talk about material "equality", that concerning all earthly, "freedoms", "rights", "liberties", possessions and anything else under the sun that have absolutely no eternal value. at all.

Not only do these things have no eternal value, and hence true value, but that fighting for "equality" in such things is earthly. It is to walk after the lusts of the flesh and pride of life.

There is no such thing as a "right". A "right", whatever you want to call it, is of the spirit of self-entitlement; fleshliness and earthliness. None of us have any "rights" for all of us deserving to be burning in Hell right now. That we even exist is by God's grace alone. We all deserve to be burning in Hell right now, and that not all of us are is by God's grace alone. Grace is not deserved. Thus, anything given by God's grace is not a "right". It is clear there is no such thing as a "right". 

Even the unsaved in non-western communalistic, and communitarian cultures understand that it is not that anyone has rights; rather, it is that all have duties and responsibilities owed to each others.  The doctrine of "rights" and equality of "rights" is itself a individualistic selfish one, one of the flesh. The spirit behind it is the spirit of mammon.