Monday, 25 May 2015

Two kinds of Justice: Worldly Justice and Godly Justice

Everyone is concerned about justice. However, many use term as some high-sound word as part of vain worldly philosophy. Just as there are two kinds of wisdom, and two kinds of sorrow, there are two kinds of justice: worldly justice and godly. Worldly justice is a kind of justice - it is false, earthly, sensual and demonic. Godly justice is the true kind - it is peaceable, rejoices in truth, impartial and has no hypocrisy. 

Worldly justice aims to satisfy human self-interests, that which is of the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. It is not concerned with truth, but seeks to blame people who are perceived to be the cause of all social problems in the world for all evils. Such people are blamed for being the perpetrators of the evil when they are victims, and assumed automatically to be perpetrators on the grounds of their so-called "social status". Such people are treated as though evils in the world should be 'rightfully' and 'justly' attributed to them, merely on the grounds of their social identity. That is what worldly justice is. 

It is not that worldly justice cares not about what is wrong or right. It does. It is the motive of worldly justice and its spirit of manner which makes worldly justice absolutely wicked, vile, abominable and demonic. It seeks ultimately to seek what is right and correct what is wrong, not because the seeking right pleases God, and that evil offends God, but because it offends the human flesh. Such is worldly justice. Any philosophy that seeks worldly justice is a doctrine of demons. 

By virtue of its fleshly, worldly self-seeking, it does not truly care for true victims of evil. Neither can it truly care for victims of evil. As long one is acting according to the self-seeking flesh, even in the slightest, one cannot truly care and love victims of evil - the oppressed, marginalised, hated, neglected, poor and bullied. One can only feel moral outrage, but that moral outrage is for oneself, not the victims of evil.

Godly justice, on the other hand, is one which seeks not its own self-interests nor any fleshly, earthly, worldly interests. Rather, it seeks the truth of the Moral Law of God. It seeks first the Moral Law of God and applies out of care for the victims of evil. This can only be done if one is filled with love and forgiveness. One can only know true justice when one has the love of God for true justice is of the Moral Law of God, and is of the spirit of truth and purity. It has pure motives. It is solely seeking to obey the Moral Law of God out of love, not out of legalism and pride.  Such is godly justice.

Since the world does not know God nor have the love of God, it cannot seek true justice, but only worldly justice. This is because it does not nor cannot submit to the Moral Law of God (Romans 8:7). Only obedience to the Moral Law of God can there be true justice. Rebellion against the Moral Law of God leads only to injustice and blindness. This is clearly evident by all the injustices and evil in the world, and the inability to the masses to understand the cause of injustices and evil. 

The cause of all injustices and evil is the human heart which is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). It is not caused by evil philosophies and religions. Such evil philosophies and religions are mere manifestations of a heart that is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things, which none except God, can understand. 

Even the most just and equitable philosophies, laws, ethical frameworks of the world are unjust for the very reason that they are carnal, fleshly, earthly and self-centred.