Monday, 30 June 2014

A More Appropriate and Fitting Preface for Big Porn Inc.

To those of you who have not read Big Porn Inc, let me tell you one thing. Remember who it is written by: vitriolic, man-hating feminists who are only satisfied to see how men are represented as buffoons, beaten by women, emasculated and feminised. The men they love are those who fear them because they are not assertive, mature or strong enough to stand up against their female dominance those feminists live to aspire for. They like this type because they get to be the dominant one. They reject the God-given role to man – to lead, protect and support one’s family and community. It’s a simple as that.  They are the same as the feminists in 1960s Australia who sought to exclude the Aborigines to whom they thought they were ‘superior’ to. To those who have read it, while I do not support pornography at all, flush the book out of your system. To those who read it without a feeling of cynicism as you read it, I fear for you, that is, unless of course, you yourself are a bigoted, racist, sexist feminist. If you are a bigoted, racist, sexist feminist, face this: no man should respect you. You do not deserve respect from anyone because you are serving your own cunning political and personal interests.

The (Mock) Preface

We live in the new world: a pornified world. No other time in history have people (especially women) become so sexualised. While women are thankfully, gaining more freedom and choice in the modern world to do absolutely anything they choose, women are becoming increasingly depressed, less content with themselves and more suicidal. While we think that this because of apathy, indifference, and greed on part of society as a whole, we acknowledge that where women are sexualised and involved in pornography and prostitution, it is indicates that men are inherently the culprits. There is no ‘other side’ to this argument. A woman, who is not bombarded with such images, would never sexualise herself, even if she thinks it makes her attractive. This is because women are too sensible and good to even sexualise themselves. We expose the patriarchal society, as a patriarchal society is one that is decadent, capitalist and, hence redundant. A matriarchal society, where women lead is the only one that will work – children will be adequately taken care of and women get to enjoy their own rights to leisure, fun and good living. Men, in a matriarchal society, deserve what they get: continuous punishment for the production of children who women do not want. We are finally seeking progress in women’s rights: many countries have now legalised abortion – a means of allowing women, and men too, to have the freedom to choose and rearrange their families.

We fully support the rights of women to engage in any type of sexual relations as long as it is the woman who controls the relationship. We support pornography that involves a woman enjoying the sex and even controlling a man. But because pornography always involves a woman who is not in control, it is wrong. Pornography is not only sexist, but racist. White men are the ones who control pornography, explaining the lack of diversity of those bosses of the global pornography ring.  Although there are others who are big bosses in the industry, the dominant group is still the white man. Hence, by supporting, or even by mere talking about it and failing to burn all pornography in town, you are supporting these white men who are part of a bygone era.

Melinda Tankard Reist, the queen of the anti-pornography crusaders who behead any man who even doubts her approach and her character, is the true feminist heroine. She fights all pornography as pornography is violence against women. It does not merely incite violence against women – it is violence. She has the guts of a man to question why boys are not objectified by pornography. She once valiantly destroyed Operation Cockstorm on Australia’s Q&A by exposing it.  Although there are men who are used to perform sex acts for money, they are gay. Gay men are the same as women because they are feminised – that is, trapped in a Victorian Era of heterosexism and rigid social mores. Gay men have been labelled homosexuals by homophobic men, because these homophobic (white) men fear that they have more pleasure than them. It is time gay men step up in the fight against pornography which is homophobic, sexist and racist. Should pornography be legitimate, it should involve people freely engaging in sex on equal terms. Equal means equal capacity to control and hold the power. However, this is never possible for women in sex. With pornography, women can never control men and society would be out of control. Pornography is not progressive; it is regressive because it gives (white) men the power to control the world and to make society more capitalist. A capitalist world is one where women slave at the hands of these men who should rightly be redundant.

We live in a pornified world which is both liberating and enslaving at the same time. It is liberating because it breaks all sexual mores. On the other hand, it is enslaving as we women do not lead men in pornography. That is to say, we are not able to fill our full sexual potential. While some think pornography itself is “immoral” in itself, we disagree. It is wrong and unethical only because it is sexist and racist. We believe that if only pornography can empower women, it would be much less worse or even be potentially beneficial for society as only women exercise a care ethic that men do not.

In the mission to fight pornography, we would like to make one thing clear: it cannot be left to fundamentalist Christians to ‘moralise’ society on their terms. There are two reasons. Firstly, it would lead to a dictatorship that is so antithetical to progress that we all like to see.  Secondly and perhaps more importantly, it is patriarchal. It supports the status quo of men leading, protecting and supporting their families and community. It would seek to banish women from all areas of life whether it is education, politics, government, entertainment and even, the family where it thinks women are the most well-fitted and capable of handling. Despite women having a significant role from the Christian perspective, it has failed to teach women to fight for their rights, whether it be to  fight for the right to attend wild parties, drink as  they please, dress up in any way they want and to be sexually aggressive. By placing men as leaders, it has taught men to be sexually aggressive and fight for their rights to do absolutely anything they want, including the ‘right’ to dislike a woman just for being ‘sexually inappropriate’, ‘rude’ or ‘bossy’. Nina Funnell, had an article published at Mama Mia, an Australian feminist news outlet about the homophobic sexist “advice” given by a Christian ministry to a school about sexual ethics  (or morals, to use their fundamentalist bigoted term). (If you support religion, I suggest you run away from Nina and her feminist ilk who will devour you.) We strongly recommend you read it to understand how dangerous the fundamental Christian right is.

It was a journey writing this book together. We have cried together, swore together and laughed together (mainly at those perverts and Christians at their ridiculous nonsensical arguments). Let’s keep up the fight, Comrades! And overthrow the patriarchal Judeo-Christian structure of our society!