Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mammon Seduces and Intoxicates the World and the Church

The whole world, in particular, the modern secular world that thinks it knows better than God, is under the spirit of mammon. Mammon has seduced her. Many Christians are also under the spirit of mammon. Such people are the most duplicitous people as they know the truth that one cannot serve or worship both God and mammon, but yet try to do so.

Mammon is a real spirit that comes from the devil. It is evil and it works through money. Money, in this world, can buy people anything, anything but God’s Love. Money can buy a selfish kind of romantic worldly love, careers, politics, power, cars, family, houses, education, holiday, leisure, entertainment, luxury goods – anything but eternal Salvation.

Money as a physical object has no power. It is just a bunch of nickel coins that one can throw down the drain, on the train tracks to be dented by a train or into the sea where it rusts. Who likes money then? Almost everyone likes money. This is because it has value in the world.  Thus, the spirit of mammon which attempts to seduce all souls and take them all to Hell works behind money. The modern world and church have both been seduced by mammon who tells them all to turn these stones into bread because you can, rather than those humanity shall not live by bread alone.

The devil told Jesus when he was hungry to “turn these stones into bread if you are the Son of Man” (Matthew 4:3), to which Jesus replied “man shall not live by bread alone” (Matthew 4:4). This tempting that one shall live only for material needs and serve it, and ultimately the devil (Matthew 4:9) certainly does not only happen to Jesus. Are you so foolish to think that the devil would only seek to tempt Jesus, and not fallen humanity? Do not be deceived. The devil seeks to lead all of humanity to destruction with him as he is the Anti-Christ. If he dares to try to tempt the Perfect Son of God, why would not try to tempt the fallen humans like us? Do not be caught up with all the End Time prophesies about who the coming anti-Christ is. The devil uses it to ensnare one into fear and apathy towards reaching out to the lost. Stay faithful to serving God, heed His Word and reach out to the lost while you still have time.

The devil is a prowling lion who seeks to devour souls through making all humans tempted to serve him who works behind a spirit from him. He uses money to seduce all of us humans because it has value, and the human heart is willing to do anything for something of value for the self. The spirit of mammon works behind humans who are greedy for more material possessions or who are discontent with themselves. It makes people feel poor and desire for more. By causing the desire for more material things, one is made a slave to mammon.

This is not at all to “shift the blame” of unrighteous people to the spirit of mammon as some Christians who are under the spirit of mammon argue, out of their own guilt in an attempt to make an excuse for attempting to serve mammon. The ultimate responsibility lies on whether people do choose to serve mammon through seeking their own needs, instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33).

That Jesus has defeated death and sin does not mean that powers and principalities no longer work through the world.  In fact, they do, (Ephesians 6:12) and that Jesus has defeated death and sin is all the more why Christians must stand up and fight against the spirit of mammon. Since Jesus has given up his life for the world, those who are in Christ must love others just as He has loved them (John 13:34). Thus, the spirit of mammon needs to be exposed (Ephesians 5:11) so that the lost can see that they even have the knowledge of sin, and eventually come to repentance and put one’s faith in Jesus. Should one ask for evidence of principalities that work in the world, witchcraft and satanic rituals that lead to accidents or deaths are such evidence.

The one thing Jesus warned about the most was money. He said one cannot serve both God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). Many Christians do not seem to understand what he meant by this. It really means that if you want to serve God, you must hate mammon. If you want to serve mammon, you must hate God. Jesus also made it clear that “if anyone wants to be my disciple, he must deny thyself” (Matthew 16:24).  Denying thyself is to surrender one’s own self-interest and serve God instead. Why so many Christians do not understand this is not because of a lack of intellect, but a matter of the heart. Many are tempted to go back to the old life into the world to cool one’s flesh, like a pig going back to the mud. The ultimate indicator as to whether one is a false convert is the one who goes back into the world and pursues worldly things.
The modern pulpits are filled with many such people, who often have been fed the health, wealth and prosperity “gospel”, either in its full strength, or in under the subtle guise of the teaching that God will bless all obedience with one’s material needs. 

Many Christians do not understand the subtly of the latter teaching. It is God who knows what we need, not ourselves. So what one perceives to be one’s needs is not necessarily what one really needs. Mammon seeks to convince the Christian that one’s needs are not enough and that God cannot provide adequately. That is how deceptive mammon is. He is cunning, deceptive, seductive and perdition itself. Many Christians are have been fed such lies by mammon that they even argue that the Book of Acts which teaches Christians to give away their possessions, can be “read” in a different way. Such is the postmodernist influence which comes from the devil that one can interpret anything in the way one chooses.

When one fails to love God with all one’s mind, soul, spirit and strength like the Church of Ephesus, one is attempting to serve one’s own self, the flesh. The spirit of mammon traps and enslaves those who serve their flesh. Jesus warned them to repent and return to loving God first and foremost.  He warned that if they did not return to putting God as their first love so that they would be salt and light of the world, He would take away the lampstand from under their feet.

That is exactly what he has done to the modern church in the mammonised West because it has fallen into idolatry, instead of loving God with all one’s mind, heart, soul and strength. As such, he was allowed the world to trample on it and laugh at it.

The church must wake up to the seduction of mammon, and repent of its idolatry to be the salt and light of the world as Jesus commanded.