Monday, 16 June 2014

The Postmodern Influence on The 21st Century Church

The current generation of people is a perverse, wicked, evil, Hell-bound and Hell-deserving generation.  Every person has their own views, and what is right is determined by the individual. In the days when Israel had no king to rule over them and give them God's Law, every person did what was right in his own sight (Judges 21:25). This is the modern parallel, and what happens when God is treated as though He does not exist, is irrelevant, a "social construct" or subject to human's "law", if there is any law at in a postmodern world. 

The postmodern influence has indeed swept into the 21st century church. Even many true Christians are convinced that if the unsaved have their own "personal truth" they shall be judged by them, and judge their actions by their standards rather than God's standards. They also believe that the Biblical terms can be a matter of semantics especially terms like sin and repentance. As a result, there is much confusion among even true Christians as what it means of be righteous, sinful, forgiving, merciful, gentle and loving. This is all because of trying to read into the Bible some nuance to the language of it. 

Nuance to language changes the meaning of the language, and therefore the message. The emphasis on 'cultural sensitivity' in modern evangelism often confuses nuance in language with discretion. Nuance is a spin or a touch to a message to make it sound a certain way, such that the message is heard differently, not because it it more polite or gentle, but because the message is changed. This is in contrast to discretion which is knowing what to speak at what time by understanding what is need to be said. 

To make the Truth of God nuanced is to insult God by telling Him that you don't trust Him in saving people.