Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Mindset of a Postmodernist

The way people see certain things is interpreted through their worldview. This is especially the case with the postmodernist who believes that as long as something does not claim to be an absolute truth, it is legitimate and acceptable. Any mention that there could be absolute truth is deemed to be not only unacceptable but heretical and deserving of being silenced. More often that not, postmodernists do not see themselves to be against those who believe in the existence of absolute truth, or even those who adhere to absolute truth such as Christianity.

Postmodernists view themselves to be extremely open-minded and loving by being tolerant of all worldviews. They equate love with tolerance because to the postmodernist, being loving is not to speak any truth, but to accept all views as equal or deserving of equality in the way they are respected. This explains why the postmodernist sees Christianity as exclusive by purporting to have only one Truth (with a capital 'T'), but also self-righteous to claim that people can only be either saved or unsaved, righteous or unrighteous, or headed towards Heaven or Hell. There are no in-betweens in one's spiritual state within the Christian worldview.

Owing to a lack of an absolute reference point, all ideas are themselves a mere worldview, not simply a product of a worldview. As such, to the postmodernist, words and terms which carry meaning are themselves encompass a worldview. This is true that words come from certain ideas, however, words themselves are meaningless unless they are understood a certain way. The postmodernist, because his mind is so astute and sensitive to the motives of persons who express any worldview only understands this too well. Indeed, postmodernists are almost always, if not always, adherents to political correctness.

Such individualism requires Christians to find common grounds with postmodernists by appealing to the individual conscience and circumstances. Christians also need to understand that postmodernists find strong words especially hard to accept and often antagonistic. So it would be wise to advise Christians to ask postmodernists what are their objections towards Christianity before going through the  Law with them.