Saturday, 7 June 2014

How the Spirit of Mammon is Hindering Christians from Reaching out to the Lost

Before, I begin, let me tell you beforehand that this email will sound militant and angry because it is. It is anger with cause. Some parts of it, or perhaps even the whole email will sound offensive to you. Does sounding offensive matter? No. What matters is speaking the truth in love, and because of the stubborn hearts of some of you, it will sound offensive even if I told you in person in the most gentle, loving manner. If you don't want to read it, that does not offend me at all. I am telling you this for your spiritual good. If you want to fight me about this, feel free to do it. I shall not be intimidated. You are really fighting God's Word if you fight me about this. You would really be mocking God not me. He will not be mocked. He will not let idolatry or blasphemy go unpunished. 

The Gospel is offensive to the average unregenerate person. If you say that not sounding offensive or being offensive is important, then you may well not evangelise and cling to Calvinism which teaches people that people are predestined to be saved or not, and therefore, evangelism is not needed. Many of you need a good shaking up about the spirit of mammon. Many of you say "I'm not under the spirit of mammon because I am a good child of God.  I serve in church, I give a lot of money, I evangelise, I'm a church leader". That is what you might say. But doing these things DOES NOT MEANS THAT ONE IS NOT UNDER THE SPIRIT OF MAMMON. You can do all these things thinking you are serving God when you are not. If you are not doing it, ONLY to serve God out of love solely for God, you are under the spirit of mammon. Before you argue with me, tell me tell you this. It is Jesus who said that you cannot serve both God and mammon. It is NOT me. 

So, if you argue with me and tell me that I am being legalistic, unloving, mean, etc or if you lecture me about my language choices, then you are fighting God, not me. You, not me, are the one who is trying to justify your own evil desires in serving mammon. Why do I say this?

I now count these earthly material things as absolute rubbish. They are indeed rubbish. They will rot away and have no eternal value. They have no value once you die. Even the unsaved can see this! What part of cannot serve God and mammon do you not understand?????!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! To not serve mammon does not mean you not work to deliberately starve yourself to death. No!! Those of you who put this argument are either confused about mammon because you are under its spirit, or you are just stubborn. If I could scream this all to you, I would just scream it out. 

God makes work an obligation to provide for your family, or to contribute to community in ways that honour Him. It is NOT a right, but an OBLIGATION. Do you not understand the difference between rights and obligations? Even the ungodly, unrighteous understand what the difference is. Work is not a right for people to earn and accumulate wealth. Even the unsaved can see this and laugh at Christians who do this. And rightfully so. You can't blame them for laughing at you when you try to serve mammon because you are serving mammon when you claim not to by professing to be a follower of Jesus. 

Do you know why many people will not enter Heaven? It is not because of suffering in the world, or because "science has proved God does not exist". It is because many choose to serve mammon, not God. This is rebellion to the core. Have you forgotten what the First of the 10 Commandments is? It is 'You shall have no gods before me'. Before you accuse of me of being legalistic, or failing to understand that money is not evil in itself, let me ask you:

Do you know what money is? Why, of all things, is money desired the most? Why? Money has value in human society. It enables people to gain all sorts of material things - sex, leisure, holiday, education, politics, car, cruise, house, romance, power, etc. That is why the devil uses material things to tempt people. All people. He plays with the souls of ALL people whether saved or unsaved to serve mammon instead of God. 

Before you say, "I'm a Christian. I don't serve mammon. He doesn't do it to me." You are setting yourself for exactly that. The devil is laughing at Christians who say that and the church who does not even understand what mammon is. Before you accuse me of trying to get more people to like the page "I" set up, I ask you, what do I get out of this page? I get nothing. It does not boost my ego, or glorify me by telling people things they hate to hear out of their own stubborn wicked heart. I do not get any money for it. Nor can I put it on a CV. In fact, if I did put it on a CV, I would immediately be rejected. The last thing the secular world wants is for Christians to expose the spirit of mammon. They are only too happy to serve mammon and know it. If there is nothing else the secular world hates, they hate Christians standing up for righteousness. Fighting and exposing mammon is to stand up for righteousness.

It is the spirit of mammon that tempts unrighteous unregenerate sinners to see no need for God. It is a spirit from the devil that keeps people from seeking Him. God understands this more than I ever could and so that is why He allows economic collapses to occur. The world sees it as bad. However, God is using this to achieve His purpose of bringing the lost to Him. 

Once a person is under mammon, they are a SLAVE to MAMMON. This is no exaggeration or hyperbole. Hence, why NO ONE can serve God or mammon, whether the person is saved or unsaved. A saved person can definitely fall into sin. He may not dive into it, but he certainly can and does fall into sin. This includes IDOLATRY, the sin that the First Commandment absolutely prohibits. It says "you shalt have NO gods before me." This means that if you are serving anything else in your life such that it is valued above God, you are committing idolatry. By attempting to serve your own needs for yourself, you are putting yourself ABOVE God. That is to elevate gifts above Giver. 

If you say, "The First Commandment no longer applies because it is part of the Old Testament", I would question if you are even saved. The Old Testament, where it gives instructions about how to live a godly, righteous life and where it gives God's Law still absolutely applies. God's Law is unchanging. He is eternal. 

If you say the Ten Commandments does not apply anymore and yet claim to be a Christian, you are blaspheming God. Blasphemers shall have their place in the Lake of Fire where the fire does not quench and the worm never dies. You need to repent, and put your faith in Jesus. If you genuinely repent, and put your faith in Jesus, He will wash away your sins as far as the east is from the west. Repent and turn to Jesus before its too late. 

If you say that I sound "preachy", EXACTLY! That is what you all seem to need. If you are still angry with me for saying this, feel free to send back an email and fight the Bible. You will find that you will be put to shame, not by me, but by God. This is because pride ends in shame and by fighting the Bible, you are being proud.

If your heart it not wholly with God, it means that your love for Him has grown cold. This would be because you are trying to serve mammon. Remember what Jesus said: "if anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself". That means to serve God wholly and give no place for anything else in your heart. Church work, evangelism and anything else that is related to serving the church can actually become an idol. If you are doing these things just to gain some recognition or a good reputation, you are serving mammon. Mammon is not money per se. It is the spirit that tells you to serve the flesh and satisfy yourself. 

How is the battle between God and mammon an issue of love? Where your heart is, there you treasure lies also (Matthew 6:21). If you are still trying to question what I am saying, YOU NEED TO READ THE BIBLE AGAIN. Jesus said that "if you love me, you will keep of all my Commandments." That is, to love God with all your mind, spirit, soul, strength and heart, and to love your neighbour as yourself.

If you truly love God, you would not be saying "I'm offended, I find you telling me about this [God's Word/Gospel] offensive, I have my rights, I have my freedoms, you shall respect my rights.' I am not at all offended by your lecturing of me, your anger at me, your mocking of me etc. Yes, even Christians do mocking of the messengers of God too. Often the mocking from Christians of God's messengers is worse than that from the world. I don't have a regard for what you think about me telling you about mammon. I am telling you this because God has called me to fight mammon. If I offend you even more, I ask you, why do you feel offended? I can guarantee that if you are offended now, it is because you still do not understand mammon as you are under its spirit. You refuse to repent from trying to serve God.

If you do not love God with all your heart, you will not have the love need to evangelise to the lost. Many of you comment on how your evangelism has not changed our unbelieving neighbours much. Well, this is the underlying disease. Many of you have a love for God that has grown cold. There is still some love, but it is not wholehearted or fervent. That is why. It is NOT a lack of intellect, logic, or even kindness or gentleness. It is a lack of love for God that results in failing to actively reach out to the lost. Instead, many of you hide behind the covers of serving your own fellow Christians and the church, rather than reaching out to the lost.

The reason why many of you can't see the spirit of mammon, and hence why you are so intimidated to like the Anti Mammon page, or fail to see how it is appropriate,  is because you probably under the spirit of mammon yourself.  

I urge you all to watch: