Saturday, 28 June 2014

What is Lust of the Eyes?

The eyes, what you see visually, are the windows of your soul. What you see conveys to your mind and to your soul which will desire that which is seen, or no desire of that which is seen. 'Lust' is desire. Desire is a want for something. It need not be sexual, although sexual lust undeniably a sin (Matthew 5:28). Desire itself is not wrong per se, it is the evil, wicked desires that come from a wicked heart that are wrong. Even when one has been born again of the Spirit, one will still deal with temptations, and fall into sin, even though the old sinful self has died (Galatians 2:20). Such temptations include lust for anything of the world, that is anything the world esteems highly. The things that the world esteems highly are abominations in the eyes of God (Luke 16:15) because the world hates God.

What is this to do with mammon? Mammon is the spirit behind wealth, riches and possessions. Many Christians think that worshipping mammon is just materialism. As such, they think that because they are a Christian, they cannot be under the spirit of mammon. However, mammon is not merely materialism. It is goes beyond materialism. Worshipping mammon is the absence of faith in God since where you heart is, your treasure is also (Matthew 6:21). A person is under the spirit of mammon when they seek security in material earthly things that are not necessarily evil in themselves such as a job or career. Christians can certainly be under the spirit of mammon and many of them certainly are. As long as one seeks security in material things, even in the slightest way, one is under the spirit of mammon.