Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Den of Wolves Documentary

There is a new documentary coming out in 2015 called Den of Wolves. It exposes the Word Faith "gospel" which more accurately is the prosperity "gospel". The prosperity "gospel" can be blatantly obvious or extremely subtle to the extent that it claims that God will bless obedience by giving you the material things you need. What one perceives to be their needs is not only different what God perceives them to be.

That one thinks about what one needs is a symptom of anxiety. The root of anxiety is pride in possession that comes from the spirit of mammon. Many Christians are under this spirit of mammon. They think that God has promised to bless them what they need - not on God's terms, but their own terms.This is evidence that they are under the spirit of mammon.

Check out: http://thedenofwolves.wordpress.com/