Saturday, 21 June 2014

Capitalism is Not Biblical at All - It is Anti-Christian

Many Christians of the modern mammonised world have an amicable attitude towards capitalism, or even supportive of capitalism. They argue that capitalism is consistent with Scriptures because it makes people work hard, discouraging people from being lazy and self-entitled. They also argue that it enables people to be good stewards of the environment and natural resources that God gave to the world. What many Christians fail to realise is that the crux of capitalism is to accumulate wealth, and that ideology made up by humans does not change the human heart. Capitalism is not a schoolmaster that makes people work hard, like the Law of God which is a schoolmaster that shines light on one's personal sins. Rather, capitalism is of the devil that entices people to work hard to gain material things for its own sake, tempting people away from serving God. It is of the spirit of mammon.

Jesus said that it is impossible to serve God and mammon. A person will hate one and love the other (Luke 16:13). Mammon and God are diatrimetrically opposed to each other. Some translations of the Bible use the term 'money' instead of 'mammon'. So, the Christian must ask, why did Jesus see money or mammon that is  danger to the soul? One must check the Scriptures thoroughly and ask for God's wisdom to understand this. One CANNOT cherry-pick parts of the Scripture to justify one's views about anything, as many people today do, including many Christians who do so unintentionally.