Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Spirit of Witchcraft Haunts and Kills It Victims

The spirit of witchcraft is one that runs the world in no matter what era, institution or circumstances. It is one of domination. It has its victim that is held in bondage. Witchcraft NEED NOT be mystical and involve 'cultish' religions. Rather, it is the spirit of it that should be of concern to Christians. It is what makes people feel that they need to control and dominate others, and hence, against the spirit of God. God does not sanction ANY relationships in which one is dominating the other. This spirit of manifested in the Jezebel spirit, but it is not limited to the Jezebel spirit. The word 'empowerment' has the connotations control and domination over others. It is a concept that people need to be careful with. Control and domination are prevalent at all levels whether it is in the household, politics, economy, media, academia, and above all, the church.

A person can be a good believer in the Church but be under the spirit of witchcraft. This person is usually a woman. Whether you like to hear that or not, it is true. As a result, many men have been unable to fulfil his God-given spiritual duties in the home and church. This leads to troubled children, but that is another story altogether. This highlights the importance of following God-given roles and responsibilities to men and women. You may think this dominance-control relationship mainly occurs among the secular, but you would be mistaken. The spirit of witchcraft is prevalent in the church. It is these Christians who are most dangerous and the enemy of the true Church - not the secularists, communists, atheists, liberalists, and the other unsaved individuals or groups. 

It is because Christians often act no differently from the unsaved that the Church has lost its light and salt. The church needs to gain more light and become more salty. This person wants everything to be her (or his) way and anyone who expresses the slightest doubt or disagreement is completely rejected by the person. Mere feelings of upset and distress does NOT amount to this spirit of dominance. Rather, it is strong bitter hatred or impatience, and the perceived persistent need to control the thoughts, behaviour and actions of others that amounts to dominance.  A person under the spirit of witchcraft has the spirit of demons within her or him. 

Such a person poses the greatest danger to the church because Satan is using him or her as a tool to infiltrate the church with his spirit of dominance that accepts no correction and shuns truth. This is why such people are the true enemies of the true Church - because they think they know the Truth when they do not. It leads the church to follow false doctrines, and hence, all the emphasis I place on false doctrines. A church that embraces false doctrines is not a true church, and hence has no authority from God to evangelise. We live in a world full of false doctrines, many of which have infiltrated the Church. The Bible is the Word has provides answers to all questions.

For those of you who say that we should not be just looking for answers in the Bible, where else can Truth be found? This is not to say that we should read it the way we want it to be because that would not be reading the Bible - that would be reading one's own mind. 

The spirit of witchcraft manifests itself in the secular world through feminism. Calls for gender quotas, change in culture to suit women, 'equal opportunity', and denouncing the term ‘good father’ for being “patriarchal” and “sexist” are manifestations of the Jezebel spirit. It is out of jealousy for material things that it seeks to dominate those of a higher authority, namely men, for being of a higher authority, albeit of equal value in God’s sight to the woman. What can one expect from a liberalist, secularist and narcissistic wife? She is a contemptuous woman and it would be better to lonely and mocked than to be anywhere near such a woman.  Secularists pride themselves on not being “stupid” enough to believe in the mysticism of witchcraft. However, ironically as they try to gain more power, they are increasingly disempowered. This is because the source of power that they seek is false. They seek power from money, sex, politics, love, family, work and romance – only to find that they have lost ‘their’ power by fighting for more power.

All forms of feminism, in the true sense of the term, whether it be the first wave, or third wave, feminism is a cult. It is the cult of witchcraft which seeks illegitimate power. The power is illegitimate because it involves a sacrifice of one’s good character for mammon. Feminism is not at all about equality or equity. It is not only about supporting “elite” women, it is about rejecting God’s ordained role for women and being ungrateful for God’s gifts for women.

Even many of the unsaved, including unsaved women can see through the evil of feminism and treat it with disdain.