Monday, 14 July 2014

Christians: Be Strong and Courageous. Be the Salt and Light of the world

What did God tell Joshua to defeat the evil wicked enemies?
Be strong and courageous.
So what should Christians do?
Be strong and courageous.

Many Christians in Australia have failed to be strong and courageous. Instead of being strong and courageous, many chicken out and avoid speaking out against social evils where the opportunity arises. While this is not to say to one should deliberately seek to offend people, or to ask people to persecute us (persecution complex), it is NOT AN EXCUSE to avoid speaking out against social evils and fighting them.

Wake up people!

This may sound arrogant, but only the Christians can ALL answers needed to fighting against evil.
This is because we have the MOST PERFECT AND WISEST, and HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, JUST, GOOD Almighty God who can empower us to fight evil who is perfect in His holiness, righteousness, justice and goodness. God is the best philosopher, judge, lawyer, author, speaker, warrior and law enforcer there has been and there ever can be. 

God seeks Christians to carry out His purposes and commands them to be salt and light of the world.
Salt gives favouring to that which is bland. It symbolises righteousness. The unsaved should feel uncomfortable or upset at us for being righteous. Light exposes darkness. Light represents Truth with a capital 'T'. We should be boldly proclaiming the Gospel. The unsaved should see us as bold, "fundamentalist" in the sense that we only adhere to God's Word, or even someone who does well for our faith!

If Christians fail to do so as it the case in Australia, He will use evil, wicked, perverse people to fight evil as it is happening right now. Look at those wicked perverse people in the government, army, NGOs, academia in Australia. They are the one preaching against usury, pornography, and even in some cases abortion.This is not at all about making Christians look good. Rather, it is an indication that Christians have failed to be salt and light of the world as Jesus commanded us.

Fighting evil may have connotations of "crazy", "fundamentalist", and even "psychotic" people who picket funerals and yell out to everyone that they are going to Hell (like westboro baptist "church").
No! Fighting evil means to expose evil, speak out and act against evil.

Righteousness exalts a nation. When the evil are in power, the people mock as is the case in this country.