Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How satan tricks us (2): Creating Conflict

Satan knows human nature too well. He knows it better than us humans. He knows we are proud. He knows that we love to see the evil in others, and see only the good in ourselves. He knows that humans will only fight for what they think is right. So, what better way but to create conflict between humans.

He uses conflict to promote hate between people, lies about others and enslaves people to fear of being attacked or bullied by others. He is able to do this only because of our pride in ourselves. Pride blinds one from seeing what is true. Ultimately, he tries to blind the unsaved to stop them from seeing the Truth.

It is the role of the true Church to evangelise the lost and fight evil. Only the true Church has all the answers because it knows God who knows everything. The unsaved who are spiritually blind cannot understand evil for what it really is - evil from the heart because they know not sin. Thus, the unsaved cannot be blamed for evils. As harsh as this sounds, only the true Church can be blamed if it doesn't stand up and resist evil.

The modern Church has failed to resist evil by failing to even understand how evil liberalism, feminism, secularism, evolution and humanism. It cannot blame the unsaved as it usually does for evil. The unsaved cannot be expected to understand that which is truly good which can only be determined according to God's standards. Thus, the modern Church needs to repent of blaming the unsaved, which ultimately comes from its own pride and reach out to the lost and actively resist all evil doctrines, institutions and norms in all areas of life, both in the public sphere and the family.

Once the Church compromises with the world in any way, even in the slightest bit, it fails to be salt and light of the world.