Friday, 25 July 2014

"There is no God, you are God": The Spirit of the Antichrist

The spirit of the antichrist whispers in the ears of those who hate God,
Telling them what they want to hear:

"Why believe in God
You are wise, intellectual, and good enough
Without God
You are good without God
Look at the good things you have done for society
Scientific advancements
Medical advancements
Rights movements
Rights for women and children, and homosexuals
Legal developments, the rule of law which means that
Your rights can be protected by law alone
Government law is the only thing that protects
Don't trust God
Because He will only punish your evil deeds
Instead, trust government law because it will made accordingly to
The will of the people
Not God's will
That is the beauty of democracy

Don't worry about your needs
The government will look after you
It will make money by taking interest on a loan
Usury is good because you get something in return
For yourself at no cost to you
That is why capitalism was born

Capitalism defeated communism
Communism was my friend, and how I used to
Take people to Hell with me
But people saw through the evils of communism
The saw right through it
So, I taught you that
Communism needed to evolve to capitalism
As social Darwinism teaches that society can evolve
Like how scientific Darwinism tells you that
Humans came from apes
You have dominion over the Earth
Because you are highly evolved and made yourselves the humans you are

Don't teach your kids
That you were made by God
Because you will be abusing them by telling them that
They have sinned, and need God's mercy
And that they need to be saved by God
God will not do that
He is a dictator who wants to dominate you
That is why He made His Law
That Christians want to impose on everyone of you
To control you, enslave you and thump you
To lower your self-esteem

So say to yourself each say, those who do not believe in God
"I do as I will
I shall not submit to anyone!"
That is how to live your best life now