Monday, 21 July 2014

How satan tricks us (1): Truth is twisted with some Error

Satan is very cunning in his tricks. He mixes truth and error, to make truth sound like error and error sound like truth. He appeals to the pride, emotion and sentiments of people to make them have a certain impression of something that is based on something true, and then twists this truth to create a lie. What he gets people to think is based on that which is true, but he twists the truth with some error to deceive us. He is too cunning to know that if his lies are based on that which are known to be false, he will not be able to deceive people.

He appeals to the emotions of those who have been hurt by a church, and tells them that it is the church that is wrong in its teachings, so they can sin without consequences or blame God. He appeals to the sentiments to the women who fear violence and degradation that one must be able to kill their husband to protect themselves and feel liberated from fear. He appeals to the pride of those who think they morally superior and tolerant, to believe that those who adhere to moral absolutism are "backwards" and naive, because they are unable to see the circumstances of the times.

Satan is out to destroy and devour each and every soul.