Monday, 28 July 2014

Spirit of Liberalism: "It is all about Freedom, no moral Law applies"

The spirit of liberalism shouts to the unregenerate people:

"Why follow a set of moral Laws
When you can enjoy your own liberty and freedom
Believe in whatever you want
Why care about the existence of any moral Laws
Written on the heart by God
Yes, I know
God can send people to Hell

But I say,
Why suffer under such moral Laws
Why don't you make up your own
Isn't there more freedom in that?
Follow your heart
Your heart is not as wicked or deceitful as
You have been told

No, no, never think that
You have too low a self-esteem if you think
Your heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things
Don't ever think that
If you ever think that
That is what our psychologists are more
Forget about the Christian ministers
They are a thing of the past

Just listen to your psychologist
Who will increase your self-esteem
Who loves you enough
So he would never tell you about your sin.

Don't listen to those Christians
Who will always seek to lower your self-esteem
and who will always
say that evil is part of a fallen world
And that you are a fallen human

It is not God who makes up the rules
It is society who knows best for itself
The standards it should live by
To increase more freedom

Be liberated from the moral laws of the old dinosaur of Christianity
They are the one who should conform
To the moral laws of society
Because it is sovereign, not God.

So shut down the Christians
Never allow them to speak out against
Homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia
Never allow them to say that:

"Racism is from the human heart
Sexism is from the human heart
Ageism is from the human heart
Discrimination is from the human heart".

Shut them up and teach them that
Discrimination is because of rigid old rules
That cannot be bent to create the society you want
A society that has no restraints
A society with no rules
A society with no boundaries
But one where everything goes."