Sunday, 6 July 2014

How satan Tempts Us: Lust of the Eyes (4)

Satan also uses lust of the eyes to tempt people into sin. Job once said that he needed to make a covenant with his eyes to stop him from lusting sexually. Satan visually appealed to Jesus when he told Him to jump off the cliff where angels will protect Him. Appeal to the lust of the eyes is no different today from the past. Only the forms of what we see are different.

The eyes is the window of our soul. It is through the eyes that our souls are either nourished or attacked. Whether it is through what we read or see, our souls are exposed to that around us as our eyes tell us. Lust of the eyes therefore is that which we see as visually appealing to feed our carnal flesh. The strongest temptation would be things of sexual appeal, however, it is not only things of sexual appeal that tempt people into sin. It many be the thought of grandeur, fame, power or wealth that we see that tempts us into sin.

Like Job, we all need to make a covenant with our eyes to resist temptation to sin in the pursuit of any earthly thing whether it be wealth, education, family, love, health, leisure, sex or power.