Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wake up Call to the True Church

Please, please wake up Christians!
Please, wake up!
Look at how the Church is becoming less offensive to the world. 
A "church" that is not offensive to the world because of what it practices, believes and worships,  is not a true church at all.
Such a church is an apostate church.
As Christians, we should be naturally offensive to the world by our obedience to God. 
Our presence should offend the unsaved.
The unsaved should find us offensive, or loony for being obedient to God. They should hate us or find us annoying.
The unsaved should feel uncomfortable by what we do because we obey God.
But the world doesn't feel that about the modern Church.
It is quite comfortable with it and the Church is comfortable with the culture.
This really should not be the case at all.
We should find the culture repugnant. We should feel that we would like to spit the culture out of our mouths and flush it out of our system.
They should feel the same about us for obeying God too.
That is why we should not be "culturally sensitive", unless it means to be careful of the unsaved for the ways for their sake so that we will be able to share the Gospel with them when they least want it.
Otherwise, "cultural sensitivity" means to bow down to the culture. This has nothing to do with being politically correct or not - it has to do with rejecting the culture and hating the culture.
Hating the culture is NOT hating the unsaved.
 It is to hate their ways, beliefs and practices.

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