Friday, 25 July 2014

The Spirit of Humanism: Thou shalt do as one chooses

The spirit of humanism yells out from the roofs:

"You people who are so repressed
Tied to so many rules about
How to behave, how to speak
How to think, and how to act
Which come from God
He who submits himself to God
And follows God is a fool
He says he is not a good person
Because he has fallen short of the glory of God
He says he is not bound by the Law of God
But yet submits to God - is this not about following rules"

Pretending to feel sympathy for the lost
and mocking them, leading them to the pit he yells out:

"Why obey God,
When you can follow your own heart
Do what you like
Choose what you want to believe
Choose how to act
Live in anyway you want
You may say, "people will get hurt if that is the case".
But I say "no"
That is why you have the law,
Political institutions and media
They are the experts who have knowledge about
How the world works and thus understand everything that we need
To create a society that you people can decide
Why not?
Do you want to be the single lone wolf of a Christian
Who is narrow-minded
Thinking that there is only one way of Heaven
Who thinks that anyone else who disagrees
Is justly headed for Hell?

Well I say, enjoy your best life now.
Eat, drink and be merry
Marry and divorce
Work to make as much money as you want
Plan your retirement"