Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Spirit of Mammon: Serve your needs first

The spirit of mammon yells out to the people:

"I will give you your needs
Because I know what you need for you
As long as you have all your
Food, water and a shelter
You will be fine

But why don't you strive for more than the basics
Why not?
Apart from that
You can have not only good food, but luxury dining
Drinks, and a fancy home
You can also have someone to support you
In achieving such things

Marriage is a contract, not a covenant
Isn't that good?
It is not your fault, or the other person's fault
In this modern system of no-fault divorce
Marriage is only a contract
Where your partner is sure to work for
Theirs and your material needs

Why wait for buying that house?
Or that car?
You can buy it now
After all
You need them
So you should get it now
So you need to get a loan even though it has an interest charged
Because it is better to get it now than later
You need to buy it now
Since you can, you can do it.

You can repay all your loans plus interest
Just work and work more
Make sure those around you agree to help you pay
If not, they are not your friends - their your enemies
They hate you if they do not agree pay for you

That way,
You can enjoy your best life now
Forget about everything else
Just work to get your needs and
Be satisfied with that."